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Foxhill parks: public consultation

The parks we are consulting about

The new development at Mulberry Park is part of a wider plan to regenerate the Foxhill and Combe Down areas. This includes plans to create a new open space as part of the development, funds for regenerating existing local parks and recreation spaces, and plans to develop the former Entry Hill Golf Course into a family cycle centre and activity park, including a new community growing space.

Map of Foxhill area, showing the planned new green space at Mulberry Park, and other nearby public green spaces

Map of Foxhill and Combe Down area, showing the planned new green space at Mulberry Park, and other nearby public green spaces

We are running a separate consultation on our plans to develop the site of the former Entry Hill Golf Course. Visit our web page to give your feedback on proposals for the project. 

View the pages which follow for detailed information on each of the public spaces that form part of this consultation. Most are well used, but have facilities which are in need of repair or improvement.

Our aims for your parks

In proposing improvements, we are aiming to meet the following strategic objectives:

  • Responding to the needs and priorities of local communities
  • Ensuring that spaces are safe to use
  • Improving leisure and recreational facilities (such as play areas and sports equipment, seating and picnic areas)
  • Improving accessibility for everyone, including users of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and buggies
  • Protecting local plants and trees and enhancing spaces for wildlife
  • Recognising and protecting sites of scientific interest

Why we're running a consultation

This consultation process is designed to identify which aspects are most important to local people, and what additional features may be required, so that we can spend the available money most effectively for the benefit of existing and new communities. We have some ideas for proposed improvements, and welcome your feedback on these, as well as your own suggestions for how we can best spend the available funds.

Each page includes a short description of the uses and facilities in each space, together with photographs of the space, highlighting the current condition of facilities.