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Foxhill parks: public consultation

Have your say

What are we consulting on?

We are are consulting on how we should spend the money we have available to improve the parks and open spaces in the Foxhill area of Bath. We want your opinions on the ideas we have presented in this group of webpages, and we also want to hear your own suggestions for improvements.  

Who are we consulting and why?

We are consulting all those who have an interest in parks and open spaces in and around the Foxhill area of Bath, whether you live in this area, work here, or are a visitor to these green spaces. We want to hear from users of the spaces, and those who choose not to use them.

Views and suggestions from the community can help make a real difference to improving public parks and open spaces. Regular users know their area best, and understand what could be done to improve it. Just as importantly, we want to understand why some local people choose not to use the parks, and what we can do to make them more attractive to a wider variety of visitors. 

Whilst we're aware that certain things are in need of repair, and we already have some ideas for improvements, we need to hear your views to help to decide how to spend the money that is available. It won't be possible to act on every suggestion, but we will consider every response before any decisions are made.

How to take part

This consultation is now closed

What happens next?

Read our report giving details of the feedback from this consultation. This report includes the following:

  • Repairs and improvements that we can deal with quickly (Phase 1)
  • More complex schemes which would take longer to deliver, and may require further consultation (Phase 2)

We will publish our designs on the website, and you will have a further opportunity to have your say on our proposals in spring or summer 2022.

View our project timeline page for more details, as they become available.