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Foxhill parks: public consultation

Entry Hill Open Space

Entry Hill Open Space is a flat, grassy space with trees, which is ideal for dog walking and informal sports. 

Entry Hill Open Space

View a Google satellite image of Entry Hill Open Space

Select a topic below, to view more photos of this space, read about its character, and the ways in which we would like to improve it.

Improving access

Entrances to the space are old and unattractive, and don't provide well for people with additional accessibility needs.

Entrance to Entry Hill Open Space
Entrance to Entry Hill Open Space
Entrance to Entry Hill Open Space

Potential improvement
Create more welcoming entrances, designed with access for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, buggies and cyclists in mind, and with modern signage

Enhancing the natural environment

We are committed to tackling the Ecological Emergency, and we know from public feedback that moves to encourage more wildlife in parks and open spaces would be popular. Currently, most of Entry Hill Open Space is short grass, but through new landscaping, there is potential to provide a richer ecosystem for people and wildlife.

As part of our commitment to planting more trees across the district, we would like to do this with tree planting in locations specifically chosen to support wildlife, while not compromising views, or the open aspect of this park.

A panoramic view of Entry Hill Open Space

Potential improvements

  • Plant new shrubs which are wildlife-friendly, create dedicated areas of longer grass, and potentially create new wildflower meadows

  • Plant new trees. Are there particular locations that you feel would be suitable (or indeed, unsuitable) to do this?

Expanding the uses of the space

Currently, Entry Hill Open Space is used mainly by dog walkers and for informal play. There is little to encourage a wider variety of visitors to stop and enjoy the site. Through this consultation, we would like to understand if there is an appetite for informal football facilities.

Bench in Entry Hill Open Space

Potential improvements

  • Install a new set of small goalposts, to encourage informal sports

  • Install more and improved seating, to make the space more welcoming for family picnics, and people with limited mobility

Summary of proposals

Our proposed improvements for this green space include:

  • Improving entrances, gates and signage
  • Installing more seating
  • Creating meadow areas
  • Planting new trees
  • Installing football goalposts