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Foxhill parks: public consultation

Hawthorn Grove

Hawthorn Grove is a long, thin strip of amenity land next to allotments which is a useful pedestrian cut-through between Bradford Road and Hawthorn Grove.

Hawthorn Grove

View a Google satellite image of Hawthorn Grove

Select a topic below, to view photos of this space, read in more detail about its history and character, and the ways in which we would like to improve it.

Improving access

Entrances to Hawthorn Grove are old and in need of repair or replacement.

Entrance to Hawthorn Grove


Entrance to Hawthorn Grove

Potential improvement
Improve entrances, to make the space more accessible for buggies and users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 

Improving the space

The space is currently an empty, grassy cut-through, and we feel that the community could get more value from this shared area. 

Wider view of Hawthorn Grove and Foxhill allotments

Potential improvement

Expand the existing allotment, or provide a mixture of traditional allotment plots and a more accessible community garden, with raised beds, or a community orchard. (If we expand the allotments, we would still retain some informal space, and the path between Hawthorn Grove and Bradford Road.)

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Looking after the site

Boundary fences need to be repaired, to make this space more attractive and welcoming to visitors.

Boundary fencing at Hawthorn Grove

Summary of proposals

Our proposed improvements for this green space include:

  • Improving entrances and signage
  • Repairing boundary fences
  • Providing space for new allotment plots, or create a community garden or orchard, while retaining public access as a cut-through