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Combe Down to University of Bath: Copseland

Detailed plans: for motorists

Measures to make the road safer

A new road layout at two busy junctions

We are planning to make the road safer for cyclists and pedestrians, by adding two zebra crossings at each end of Copseland (a popular route between Combe Down and the University of Bath), and to modify the design of a bus stop at the top of North Road.

These proposals will have an effect on motorists in the following ways:

  • In order to safely locate the zebra crossing next to the Claverton Down Road / Copseland junction, we would have to ban left turns out of Copseland into Claverton Down Road. This is necessary to enable cyclists and pedestrians to cross straight to and from Quarry Farm Lane. Alternative placings of the zebra crossing are unlikely to be well used, and the safety aims of the project would not be met.

  • In North Road, we propose a new pedestrian refuge island at its junction with Bathwick Hill to make it much easier for people to cross. 

  • We are planning to modify the bus stop at the junction of North Road and Bathwick Hill, to make it safer and more accessible for bus users. In order to make space for this, we will need to remove the existing separate right turn traffic lane from Bathwick Hill into North Road. Traffic will still be able to turn right, but there will no longer be a dedicated road lane for this purpose. We will slightly widen the road at the bus stop, to enable large vehicles to pass a stationary bus.

Our improvements for pedestrians will also aim to reduce driving speed when approaching the junctions at both ends of Copseland.

Instructions on how to use our mapping tool
For an interactive map of the project area, use the button below. On the map, you can click on any section of the marked scheme roads to view more detailed documents:
  • Google satellite images of the current road layout and markings
  • Plan drawings of the changes we are proposing 
Compare current and proposed road layouts