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In-year admissions arrangements 2023 to 2024

The In-Year Admissions Scheme describes how we will handle admissions into our schools, outside the 'bulk transfers' at the normal starting time for each stage of your child's education. To understand the scheme better, please select a topic below.

Warning The information on this page is correct for admission to schools from September 2023, to join an infant, junior, primary or secondary school in an existing year group.

Who the scheme is for

Applications for a school place in an existing year group at a Bath & North East Somerset School or Academy are made direct to the admission authority of the particular school or academy. The Local Authority (LA) is the Admissions Authority for all Community Schools. The Governing Body is the Admissions Authority for Voluntary Aided (VA) Schools (Own Admission Authority Schools). The Academy Trust is the Admissions Authority for Academy Schools (Own Admission Authority Schools).

Making applications

Parents and carers must complete an in-year application form to apply for a school place in Bath and North East Somerset.  Alternatively, contact the Admissions and Transport Unit by email at or by phone on 01225 39 43 12. Schools which are their own admission authority should also have an application form available on their own website.

The application form should be returned to the relevant admission authority of the school for which you are applying as a first preference. The LA address for Community School applications is shown on the form. Applications for Academy or VA Schools (Own Admission Authority Schools) should be sent directly to the Academy or VA School.

Own Admission Authority Schools may also require parents and carers to complete a supplementary information form (SIF) to enable the school to collect additional information in order to apply their oversubscription criteria. 

Please note that completing a school's SIF does NOT mean that you have made a school place application. You will still need to complete our In-year application form.

Offers of a school place

The Local Authority will normally notify parents of the result of their application for a Community school within 10 school days, but this can take longer when large volumes of applications are received prior to the start of a new term, but they must be notified in writing within 15 school days. Parents will be expected to respond within 10 school days of the offer of a place, otherwise the offer may be withdrawn. 

Own Admission Authority Schools will aim to notify the parents of the result of their application within 10 school days, but they must be notified in writing within 15 school days and must also notify the LA of the receipt and outcome of the application and should aim to do this within 2 school days. Parents will be expected to respond within the stated period, as stipulated in the offer letter. 

In the case of parents and carers being refused a place at their preferred school(s), the Admission Authority for the school concerned must advise you of the following:

  • The reason they cannot offer a place
  • The appeals process (Once an appeal is lodged, it must be heard within 30 school days)
  • Any opportunity to remain on a waiting list for a place

If you still need a place for your child at an alternative school, you should contact the Admissions and Transport Team on  01225 39 43 12. We can advise on available places.

If a suitable place cannot be secured using the normal admission arrangements as the child meets our Fair Access criteria, a school place will be identified for the child by the Area Placement Panel in accordance with Bath & North East Somerset’s Fair Access Protocol. This Protocol does not override the right of parents and carers to state a preference for a school place.

School place waiting lists

In the case of Community Schools, we will operate a waiting list for the remainder of the academic year. If a place becomes available at a school, the place will be offered in accordance with the published oversubscription criteria, and not the length of time a child’s name has been on a waiting list. Every effort will be made to contact applicants on the waiting list using the last contact details provided by the applicant. Where a response to an offer has not been received within 10 school days, the offer will be withdrawn and the available place then offered to the next child on the waiting list to qualify for the available place.

Own Admission Authority Schools may also hold a waiting list. Details of their individual waiting list arrangements will be provided by the school’s admission authority.

Children who are the subject of a direction by a LA to admit, or who are allocated to a school in accordance with a Fair Access Protocol, must take precedence over those on a waiting list.

Own Admission Authority Schools may be asked to provide information about the availability of school places to the Local Authority on request. Such details should be provided no later than 2 school days following receipt of a request from the local authority.

Providing proof of your address

Proof of an applicant’s address may be required by an individual Admission Authority.

In the case of Community Schools, we reserve the right to require documentary evidence of the authenticity of a family address. If you do not provide this, we reserve the right to make our own enquiries with, for example, the Council Tax Office.

In the case of applications for Community Schools the child’s normal permanent home address where he or she lives with his or her parents or legal guardians will be used to decide where the child lives. Temporary addresses cannot be used to obtain school places. If parents or guardians plan to move, documentary evidence will be required.

The following are examples of evidence that may be acceptable to determine a child’s address:

  • A solicitor’s letter confirming exchange of contracts and completion date for a property which is being purchased or a property which is being sold
  • A copy of a signed rental agreement or a solicitor’s letter if moving to a council or rented property, and proof of your sale or Notice to Quit on your current or previous property
  • A copy of a Council Tax or utility bill, such as water, gas or electricity in your name for your newly owned or rented property together with proof of your sale or Notice to Quit on your current or previous property
  • Proof that you are receiving child benefit, registered at that address
  • If you are moving in with a relative, a letter from them will be required confirming the date you will be moving in together with a copy utility bill showing their name and address - a solicitor’s letter will also be required confirming that completion of contracts has taken place on your sale or Notice to Quit on your current or previous property
  • In the case of children of UK Service Personnel with a confirmed posting to the area or Crown Servants returning from overseas, an official letter declaring the relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address should be provided.
  • In the case of children from the boating community (Boaters) without a permanent mooring, the parent or carer will be asked to provide details of their sorting office, post office or poste restante address, and this will be used for allocation purposes. Proof in the form of a licence will also be required, and must be submitted at the time of application.

Cases where we may withdraw a school place offer

An offer of a school place may be withdrawn by an admission authority in certain limited circumstances. Examples include:

  • Where a parent has given fraudulent or intentionally misleading information such as a false address
  • Where a parent has not responded to an offer within the deadline we have set (this deadline will be clearly marked on any offer)
  • Where a higher preference school has been offered or where it has been possible to meet the highest preference school on the latest application
  • Where the offer was made as a result of an administrative error

Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC)

Children with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC) are dealt with separately through the statutory assessment process or a review of their plan. All schools are consulted before being named on a pupil's plan, and schools have the opportunity to draw attention to any difficulties arising from oversubscribed year groups. If a particular school is named this will take priority over the Admissions Criteria, although, wherever possible the place will be offered within the Admission Number for the school.