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Walcot, Snow Hill and Claremont Road area Residents' Parking Zone (RPZ) TRO consultation

Project timeline

The timeline below shows each stage of the proposed RPZ project, including those already completed, the current (active) stage, and future activity.

  1. Initial public consultation

    Completed 5 May 2022 to 2 June 2022

  2. Initial public consultation results and decision

    Completed September 2022

    We have published the consultation results and the decision on whether or not this RPZ proposal is to proceed to the next stage.

  3. Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation

    Completed September and October 2022

    We amended the RPZ proposals, taking into account the feedback we received in the initial consultation.

    We launched a second public consultation, allowing residents to comment on a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and the detailed proposals for the RPZ in this area.

  4. Final decision

    Completed December 2022

    Following the feedback we received in the TRO consultation, we have decided to introduce an RPZ in this area.

    View the consultation feedback report

    View the TRO notice and decision report

    Read the press release

    Final design

    You can explore the details of the final design on our interactive map below. We have decided the locations of proposed parking bays and parking restrictions based on detailed safety assessments of the roads covered by the scheme, and your feedback from our previous consultations.

    View the final design on a map 

  5. Zone introduction

    Active End of July 2023

    Work to introduce this RPZ will begin on 12 June 2023. We estimate that this RPZ will be operational by 31 July 2023. From this date, residents will need to have a valid permit to park in the zone. Applications for permits will open one month before the zones start.

    You can view the progress of the RPZ installation works on our schedule of works page. Residents living in the zone will also receive a letter in the post informing them of how to prepare.

    Please note that schedules and start dates are subject to change and we strongly advise residents to regularly check the schedule for updates.

  6. Permit applications

    Expected Live from 3 July 2023

    You will need a permit to park in the zone from 31 July 2023. If you are eligible for a digital permit, you can apply through MiPermit from Monday 3 July.

    Permits are available in durations of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months and the cost is based on the emissions of your vehicle. As a resident, you can also purchase digital visitor permits even if you are not a permit holder.

    Check your eligibility 

  7. Monitoring and amendments

    To be confirmed Ongoing

    We will undertake parking surveys in the wider area before and after the RPZ is put in place to ensure it’s working and not displacing parking.

    We will be monitoring the impact of the new zones and we welcome feedback from residents and visitors. An annual review of the zones will also help us to address any minor issues.