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Travel more sustainably

Use this page for resources and tips on how to travel more sustainably.

More than half of all vehicle journeys in Bath are short trips made by car. These journeys are often non-essential and achievable by foot, bike, bus or scooter.

Choosing sustainable transport options reduces air pollution, congestion and transport noise. It can also help you get fit, save money and connect with your community.


Sometimes driving is essential, but there are several ways to lessen your impact on the environment, while also making considerable savings.

If you need to run a car, consider the following options.

Use a vehicle with a smaller engine

Swapping to a smaller engine when you next upgrade your vehicle will generate fewer harmful emissions and be cheaper for you to fuel, maintain and tax. Residents' Parking Permits are priced according to engine capacity, so the cost of a permit will be cheaper if you have a smaller engine capacity.

You can calculate the tax rate for a vehicle at GOV.UK.

Downsize to one car

You can use our car cost calculator to work out how much you spend on your second car annually, and how much you could save by selling it and relying on one car. When you need to use a second car, could you take a taxi, share a journey or use a car club instead?

Invest in an electric or hybrid car

If you need to use a car, consider buying a new or second-hand electric or hybrid vehicle when it’s time to upgrade.

If you already have an electric vehicle, you can use our website to find your nearest charging point, find out about our emissions based pricing for parking permits, and read how our planning policy sets out how new development will have to contribute to and extend electric and low emission vehicle charging provision.

Adopt an efficient and safe driving style

Driving more efficiently can reduce fuel bills, tail pipe emissions and wear and tear on your vehicle. It also provides a safer environment for people who choose to walk or wheel. The Energy Saving Trust offers tips and resources for adopting an efficient driving style.

Consolidate car trips

Making lots of short trips, (which don’t allow your car’s engine to warm up), is worse for the environment and fuel economy than longer journeys.

To reduce your emissions and save fuel, consider planning ahead and combining your trips into one or two longer journeys each week.

You could also share your car trip with more than one person or join a car club to save on the increasing costs of on-street parking and vehicle maintenance.

Shop more thoughtfully

When shopping online, purchase multiple items in one order, to prevent multiple deliveries and save on shipping costs.

If you have the option, collect your package from a local collection point, to reduce emissions and congestion on your street.

Park & Ride

Using the Park & Ride to commute into work or shop in Bath helps reduce congestion and air pollution, and can save you money on parking charges. Visit our Parking and Travel pages for further information on getting around Bath and North East Somerset.

Walking, cycling and public transport

To travel more sustainably, consider walking, cycling or using public transport, especially for short journeys.


Where you can, consider walking for shorter trips. Walking offers many benefits for your physical and mental health and best of all, it is free.

Explore the benefits of walking, and how to make it a habit, on our Walking for Health page. For longer trips, you could hop on and off an e-scooter to get around the city. Choose to hire one on-the-go, or rent one for longer term use.

Remote working helps reduce congestion and pollution but it’s important to stay active when you work from home. Choose to walk to your local shops or have a stroll in the park in your lunch break, instead of driving.


Cycling is a great way to beat congestion, reduce emissions and improve your health. If you find hills to be an obstacle, electric bikes are a great solution.

Try out an electric bike

The Loan Bike Scheme is available to those living or working in Bath and North East Somerset. If you’re thinking of swapping your car for an electric bike, request a loan e-bike by completing our web survey.

Improve your cycling confidence and skills

Bikeability is a training programme that aims to help you cycle to the National Cycling Standard, giving you the confidence and skills to make on-road journeys. Training is available for children and adults. Email to find out more.

Discover local cycle routes

Explore Bath and North East Somerset’s off-road cycling routes. The routes feature attractive scenery and quiet paths that extend to Bristol and Radstock, making the network popular with leisure and commuter riders.

Public transport

Using public transport is often cheaper than using your vehicle and makes a significant contribution to reducing traffic emissions. Avoid wasted hours spent in traffic jams and benefit from the ability to read, surf, or work while you travel.

Free bus travel

Get free bus travel throughout your birthday month on buses across the West of England. If you live in the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority area or North Somerset, WECA are offering free bus passes. You can apply for your bus pass online.

Park & Ride

Avoid the stress of driving through the city centre and looking for a parking space. Park your car for free at the Park & Ride and take a bus into the city. Services operate as frequently as every 12 minutes.

Taxis and community transport

Sharing a taxi with your friends and family means you can split the fare, saving you money on fuel and parking charges. Find out more information about taxi services, including taxis with disabled access.

For those unable to use public transport, search for a community transport scheme operating near you.

First Bus and myTripp app

Hopping on a bus is easier than ever. Buy tickets and plan your journey in advance using the First Bus and myTrip apps. Check out the apps to find a range of discounted and flexible tickets, including reduced prices for buying multiple tickets ahead of time, are available to suit your needs.

Commuter Travel Club

Commuter travel club offers discounted bus journeys to employees of companies who are First Bus travel partners in Bristol, Bath and the West.


Save money on your train journeys by using a Railcard. There is a range of options to suit your travel needs.

If you're planning to make a journey using public transport, consider using a journey planning tool:

  • Travel West offers a comprehensive planning tool for public and private transport across the South West
  • Traveline provides timetables and journey planners for bus, coach and rail services in the South West
  • Our public transport pages provide more information about the options available locally