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Cycle parking

In order to help widen active travel choices and encourage physical activity, we have installed cycle stands in many locations throughout the area.

If you know a location where a stand would be useful, please email us on

Free cycle stands

Certain premises and groups can apply for free cycle parking stands under the Take A Stand scheme. This is a scheme run by Life Cycle UK that we support as a Council.

Two stands (the equivalent of four bikes) are available per applicant. The applicant must install the stands themselves and on their own property. Visit the Life Cycle UK website to apply.

Premises and groups that can apply include:

  • schools
  • surgeries
  • voluntary sector groups
  • churches
  • parish councils
  • small businesses

Cycle hangars

In December 2022 we installed four cycle hangars in three residential areas of Bath. These hangars are small metal shelters with a locked door that can store up to six bikes. The lock can be operated either with a key or by a mobile app.

We have been granted funding through the Transforming Cities Fund to install a further 20 cycle hangars in summer 2023. A consultation asking for residents' suggestions for further installation locations closed on 13 March 2023, receiving 110 responses and indicating high levels of interest in the need for more hangars. We have analysed the data to identify high-priority locations for the hangars.

The provision of cycle hangars will enable residents to begin cycling, or to cycle more, increasing access to services and opportunities, as well as improving health and wellbeing.

We have engaged a commercial supplier, Falco, to supply, install and manage up to 20 new cycle hangars. To find out more about the hangars or to rent a space for your bike, visit the Falco website.