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Transport and Developments Supplementary Planning Document (SPD): closed consultation

Plan adoption timeline

  1. Launch consultation

    Completed April to June 2020

    This consultation set out our proposed scope for the review of current local planning policies, including our Local Plan Partial Update, and the policies in this SPD. View the consultation report.

  2. Options consultation

    Completed January to February 2021

    This consultation offered a chance to comment on the options, or potential approaches, for the review of current planning policies, including the policies in this SPD. View the consultation report.

  3. This consultation


    This consultation offers the opportunity to comment in detail on our proposals for Transport Policy in relation to developments. We will publish a feedback report after this period of consultation.

    There are also two other consultations running at the same time:

    The Local Plan Partial Update Publication (Regulation 19) consultation closed on 8 October 2021.

  4. Consultation feedback report

    On target November 2021

    We will publish a report containing all of the comments that we receive during this consultation

  5. SPD plan adoption

    On target May 2022