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Transport and Developments Supplementary Planning Document (SPD): closed consultation

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What are we consulting on?

We are are consulting on the content of the Transport and Development Supplementary Planning Document, which is designed to ensure that developments promote sustainable travel and transport for residents, users and visitors. We want your opinions on the approaches to the four main topics in the document, and the guidelines that we are setting out for each area.

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This document and public consultation process is part of a wider planning policy update, and we would encourage anyone responding to this consultation to also find out about and consider those areas. 

Who are we consulting and why?

We are consulting all those who have an interest in developments in our area: residents, businesses, agents, developers and specific groups such as cyclists and motorists who have a stake in sustainability, travel and transport. 

How to take part

Complete our online questionnaire by the end of 18 October 2021

Warning This consultation is now closed

What happens next?

When the consultation closes, we will review and analyse all the responses, as we produce a final draft of the Transport and Developments SPD.

The council cabinet member who is responsible for Planning will make the final decision on adopting the SPD.

We are currently hoping to adopt this SPD at the same time as our Local Plan Partial Update. Due to the differences between statutory processes for LPPU and SPD consultation, we may adopt this SPD before the LPPU adoption is finalised.