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On-street parking permits terms and conditions

Changes to these terms and conditions

Changes to these parking permit terms and conditions are made in accordance with the delegated powers as authorised by the council's Cabinet on 29 July 2021.

Select a year below to view a chronological record of changes to these terms and conditions, with the most recent listed first.


26 July 2023

Residents' on-street permits section:

Section 3.27 now includes zones up to Zone 28, to reflect Zone 27 (Walcot, Snow Hill, and Claremont Road) and Zone 28 (Oldfield Park and Westmoreland) becoming live on 31 July and 29 August 2023 respectively.

20 June 2023

Hotel permit section:

Paragraph 7.18 clarifies the charge for each parking stay (the 24 hour parking rate at a Long Stay car park) is subject to change in line with any future changes to Long Stay car park charges.

4 May 2023

Business permit section:

Paragraph 6.14 now clarifies that where multiple businesses operate from a single property (as registered within the LLPG) the maximum entitlement to 2 permits is shared between businesses, operating on a first-come, first-served basis.

17 March 2023

Residents permit section:

  • New paragraph 3.13 inserted
    • “A Blue Badge holder may park in on street resident permit bays and dual use bays (resident/on-street pay & display bays) when displaying a valid blue badge. There is no time limit to how long the vehicle may park, but the badge must be clearly displayed.”
  • New paragraph 3.14 inserted
    • “A Blue Badge holder living within an RPZ is entitled to a free 12-month residents' permit for their vehicle for that zone only. This is to allow the Blue Badge holder to leave their vehicle legitimately parked at home in a resident parking bay or dual use bay (resident parking/on-street pay and display bays) located within their specific zone, whilst they travel in a different vehicle with their Blue Badge. To benefit from this, the badge holder should contact Parking Services for assistance. If the Blue Badge holder has a change in vehicle, the permit will need to be updated by contacting Parking Services either by email at, or calling 01225 47 71 33. A £10 administration charge is payable for any change.”

The above has been included to reflect revised policy intent to assist Blue Badge holders when travelling in another vehicle.

Hotel permit section:

  • New paragraph 7.6ii inserted
    • “Guests who hold a valid Blue Badge may park in on-street resident parking bays and dual use bays (resident/on-street pay & display bays) within resident parking zone areas where they display their Blue Badge. A Hotel permit is not required as long as the Blue Badge is displayed.”

This was amended to clarify that Guest House/Hotel guests who are Blue Badge holders do not require a Hotel permit when parking in on-street resident bays and dual use bays when displaying their Blue Badge.

20 February 2023

Residents permit section:

Paragraph 3.25 amended to reflect the new Resident Parking Zones operational from 20 February 2023:

  • RPZ 22 - Entry Hill
  • RPZ 23 - Sion Hill & Summerhill Road area
  • RPZ 24 - Chelsea Road & Foxcombe Road area
  • RPZ 25 - Lyme Gardens & Charmouth Road area
  • RPZ 26 - St Johns, St Michael’s and Hungerford Road area (Lower Weston)

Visitor permit section:

  • New paragraph 4.6 inserted
    • “Visitor permits are provided to enable visits to a resident’s household for personal reasons only, for example: family and friends. They should not be used to support visits to a property as part of any commercial activity where the household receives an income. Commercial activity may include (but is not limited to) the letting of any part of the property, or client visits.”

We have included this paragraph to clarify that the purpose of providing visitor permits to residents who live within an RPZ is to enable reasonable access to a resident's household by visitors. This ensures that restrictions intended to limit the use of kerb space to commuters does not unintentionally prevent a resident from receiving visits from family or friends, an impact that might otherwise lead to social isolation.

20 January 2023

  • Removes section 10 Zero emissions permit offer section as this is no longer available (March 22)
  • Previous section 11 ‘Other Historical Permits’ renumbered to 10
  • Previous section 12 ‘Offsetting parking permit entitlement against Off Street parking renumbered to 11
  • New paragraph 11.5 inserted
    • “The council may consider an area of land that is not adopted highway as an off street parking space if this area is smaller than the dimensions of an off street parking place, as set out in paragraphs 11.3 and 11.4, if clear evidence is available that demonstrates it is used as an off street parking place for private vehicles.”

Paragraph 11.5 is included to reflect the intention of Residents' Parking Schemes, to carefully manage the available kerb space for the residents within an area. Where residents have access to off-street parking, they are encouraged to use this and therefore should not qualify for permits as well. This helps to both manage the competing demands on the available space and help manage overall demand by controlling vehicle ownership growth within the zone.


31 August 2022

Residents permit section:

  • 3.22 includes the following reference to correct an admin oversight. This is to include provision for appropriate instances where not appropriate to hold VQ5.

‘A letter of authority from the vehicle supplier is sufficient evidence in the case of a lease car or a letter from someone’s employer is suitable in the case of a company car.’

22 June 2022

Residents permit section:

  • 3.1 & 3.6 adds reference to Saltford to correct admin error
  • 3.25 Table 1 – adds reference to zone 21 to correct admin error

Visitor permit section:

  • 4.18 table 4 adds reference to zones 19 & 21 to correct admin error

Hotel permit section:

  • 7.10 clarifies availability of parking space is not guaranteed in car parks for inner zone or on street for outer zone
  • 7.18 clarifies charge per 24 hr period is (noon to noon)
  • 7.21 clarifies no refunds are provided for hotel permit parking stays in both inner and outer zones

General section:

  • 2.10 Replaces out of date reference to PLG class with reference to Light Goods vehicles