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On-street parking permits terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all on-street parking permits. Additional terms and conditions apply for each different type of permit.

2.2 A vehicle deemed by an authorised Council Officer to be parked in contravention of a valid parking restriction without a valid permit, may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

2.3 Possession of a valid parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. A parking permit gives authorisation to park and is not itself ‘paid for parking’.

2.4 Parking is only permitted in a parking bay as authorised by the terms and conditions of issue outlined in the relevant section of this document.

2.5 Vehicles must be parked wholly within the bay markings.

2.6 A permit is only valid for the vehicle registration mark allocated to the permit. It is the permit account holder’s responsibility to update the permit if the vehicle registration is changed. Alternative parking should be sought by the vehicle owner/keeper until the vehicle registration mark on the permit has been changed.

2.6.A If you have more than 1 vehicle linked to a permit account, it is your responsibility to ensure the required vehicle is allocated to the permit.

2.7 Where issued, all paper permits must be completed in ink or the relevant information scratched off the correct panels. Alterations to the details on a paper permit, failure to remove a required panel, or incorrect usage with automatically render it invalid.

2.8 It is the permit holder’s responsibility to renew a permit at expiry, where an automatic renewal is either not available, or has not been chosen. No grace period is provided by the Council. A ‘renewal reminder’ email may be sent as a courtesy to MiPermit account holders who have registered an email address. Reliance on receipt of this reminder to renew an expiring permit is at the account holder’s own risk

2.9 The Council or Police may temporarily suspend the whole or part of a parking place. This will be marked accordingly using authorised signage. Vehicles must not park in a suspended parking place without signed authorisation from a Council Officer or Police Officer. Alternative parking locations will not be provided by the Council in lieu of parking places that are suspended from use.

2.10 The maximum laden weight of a vehicle permitted to use a permit to park in a parking bay is 3.5 tonnes; the maximum vehicle length is 6 metres and a maximum of 12 passenger seats. Permits can only be used with passenger vehicles, car-derived vans and light goods vehicles.

2.11 Information provided for a permit application is subject to further verification. Parking Services can request evidence to verify information for a permit or for the purpose of undertaking compliance checks at any time for any permit type. Failure to provide information within 21 days of a request or in the event of evidence of false or untrue information may lead to the cancellation of parking permits with no refund being provided.

2.12 You are not permitted to lend or sell a parking permit to anyone (such as friends or commuters).

2.13 New developments and new builds within existing residents' parking zones are not generally entitled to parking permits. This includes properties which may have been subject to a change in use, for example from business use to residential use and/or where planning permission may have been required. Prospective purchasers/tenants or residents/developers considering building alterations or new builds are strongly advised to contact Parking Services for advice regarding eligibility or implications for a Residents' Parking Permit, or any other type of parking permit. Read our Policy for Allocation of Parking Permits in Controlled Zones.

2.14 Failure to apply for or use a permit in accordance with these terms and conditions may result in the refusal or cancellation of a parking permit.

2.15 In the event of dispute concerning eligibility, or use of a permit not in accordance with these terms and conditions, the decision made by the Head of Parking Services will be final.

2.16 Under Section 15 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as defined by the Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (District Bath and North East Somerset), anyone who with the intent to deceive or misuse a parking permit in any way shall be guilty of a criminal offence. It is also an offence to knowingly make a false statement to obtain a parking permit.

2.17 A Parking permit does not remove the requirement to tax and insure a motor vehicle for use on the public highway.

2.18 Vehicles parked with a permit must be in a ‘roadworthy’ condition for the permit to be valid. A roadworthy condition means that all wheels are attached and that the vehicle, in the opinion of an authorised Council officer, is capable of being driven safely under its own power.

2.19 We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time as appropriate, in accordance with the our decision-making process and powers of delegated authority.