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Short break provision consultation

What this means for you

Purchasing activities and services using new providers means that there could be changes to the way services are delivered. Whilst we recognise change can create uncertainty, these changes are designed to improve choice.

Warning If you are concerned about how this could impact you, please email:

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Parents and carers

The short breaks service allows your child to access activities that enable them to grow in confidence and build life skills and provides a break to parents and carers from their caring responsibilities.

We have to recommission (purchase) services every few years to make sure that we are still meeting the needs of our families, and getting value for money. This consultation is an opportunity to help shape the services that we commission.

Service providers

Recommissioning services gives an opportunity for providers to design services differently to cater for the changing needs of the family. Existing providers have an opportunity to deliver something differently, whilst new providers may welcome the opportunity to expand delivery of activities in a new area.

We want to hear your views on what we could do to help inform the services that we go out to commission. We welcome fresh ideas on what could be done differently to help us continue to improve people's lives.

Children and young people

We will be consulting with children and young people from September 2022 about the types of activities they would like to participate in and when they would like these activities to take place.