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Short break provision consultation

Project timeline

The timeline below shows the lifecycle of this project, including the current (active) stage and those already completed, as well as expected future stages and timings, if the scheme is approved and goes ahead to completion.

  1. Public consultation


    This consultation gives you an opportunity to comment on our proposals.

    Respond to the consultation
  2. Publish consultation feedback

    On target August 2022

    We will publish the consultation feedback report in August 2022.

  3. Consult with young people

    On target September 2022

    We are consulting with children and young people using a slightly different timeline. This is because we want to take out time and for it to be meaningful. We will consult with children and young people through schools, providers of short breaks and providers of activities that take place outside the school day.

  4. Implement changes

    On target September 2022

    We will start to make changes to and adapt the delivery of short breaks service following the results of the consultation.