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Short break provision consultation

Have your say

We are seeking the views of the following groups of people to help us design the services we commission:

  • Parents and carers of those children and young people accessing the service
  • Parents and carers of children and young people not accessing the service
  • Providers already delivering short break provision in B&NES
  • Providers not delivering short break provision in B&NES
  • Schools
  • Youth services
  • Other professionals linked to social care

We will consult separately in September 2022 with:

  • Children and young people who already access the short breaks service
  • Children and young people who are eligible to access the service but don't

How to respond to the consultation

The consultation has now closed

Next steps

We will review the responses to the consultation and will publish a feedback report on our website.

We will also use the feedback to support the changes that we are making to how short break provision will be delivered.