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Pay a fine for Bath’s Clean Air Zone

If you have driven in Bath’s Clean Air Zone and not paid the charge, discounted charge or logged an exempt journey within the payment window of 7 days (including the day of entry), a penalty charge notice (PCN) of £120 will be due, in addition to the outstanding charge.

This penalty charge must be paid within 28 days from the date the PCN was served. 

If the PCN is paid within 14 days of the date of service of the PCN, you will only have to pay £60.

How to pay your PCN

To pay the PCN, simply follow the instructions given on the PCN document.

Failure to pay

If you fail to pay the PCN within 28 days, the penalty charge will be increased to £180. You also risk your vehicle being immobilised, with an additional penalty charge of £70 for its release.

Vehicles will only be released once all other charges and penalties are paid.

If this penalty is not paid, your vehicle could be removed, stored or disposed of. This could cost you an additional £200 for the vehicle’s removal, £40 for each day or part day it is held in storage, and £70 for its disposal.

Non-UK payments

We will enforce penalties for non-payment of charges for non-UK vehicles. 

If you are driving into Bath’s CAZ, and other zones in England, please ensure you pay the required charge using the GOV.UK Central Clean Air Zone Service either 6 days in advance of your journey, on the day your vehicle is driven in the zone, or in the following 6 days.