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Oldfield Park and Westmoreland Residents Parking Zone (RPZ)

Residents: what this means for you

Permit eligibility

We have designed this parking scheme with an allowance of two parking spaces for every household. For some households, these spaces will be on their property, while for others, they will be on the road.

Your eligibility for Residents' Parking Permits depends on the amount of off-street parking your property has. A parking space is defined as an area at least 2.5m x 5m in size, which can be accessed from the road by a vehicle. If your property has one or more off-street spaces, this will reduce the number of residents' permits you can apply for to park on the road, and you will have to use the off-street parking space that you have access to.

Permit entitlement
Off-street parking spaces Number of permits
No spaces 2
1 space 1
2 or more spaces 0

Parking for you

You will need to use our parking app MiPermit to register for and manage any Residents' Parking Permits you are eligible for.

You will need to assign your permits to specific vehicle registrations. You can change these at any time, but a permit can only be registered to one vehicle at a time.

Parking for your visitors

If you have visitors to your property, you will need to ensure they have a valid Visitor Permit. Even if you aren't eligible for a Residents' Parking Permit yourself, or don't have a vehicle, you will still need to buy a permit for any visitors.

You are entitled to up to 1,000 hours of Visitor Permits per year, which you can buy in blocks of 100 hours for £10. You can manage your Visitor Permits through MiPermit.

Parking for Blue Badge holders

If you have no suitable off-street parking

If you, or a member of your household, are a Blue Badge holder and you keep a car at your address, you may be entitled to a disabled parking bay. See our page on accessible parking for more details of the conditions governing these bays. If you are eligible, we will mark a bay on the road near your home, free of charge. 

Parking on the street in a Residents Parking Zone

It is not necessary to have a Residents' Parking Permit to park in a disabled bay within a Residents Parking Zone, but you must display a valid Blue Badge correctly in your vehicle at all times when parked in a disabled bay.

If you park in a permit holder bay or an advisory bay (one that has road markings, but no sign), you will still need a valid Residents' or Visitor Parking Permit. We will provide Blue Badge holders living within the zone a Residents' Parking Permit for that zone, free of charge.