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Oldfield Park and Westmoreland Residents Parking Zone (RPZ)

Project timeline

The timeline below shows the lifecycle of this project, including the current (active) stage and those already completed, as well as expected future stages and timings, if the scheme is approved and goes ahead to completion.

  1. Public consultation

    Completed 21 Oct to 11 November 2021

    The first stage of the consultation set out our initial proposals for Oldfield Park and Westmoreland.

    This stage of the consultation is now closed.

    View the original consultation
  2. Consultation feedback and decision

    CompletedApril 2022

    Read the feedback report on the consultation results.

    A decision has been taken to proceed to the next stage of consultation. There will be some modifications to the proposals as a result of the feedback from the first stage of consultation. We will provide more detail when the next stage of consultation starts in June.

  3. Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation

    CompletedJune 2022

    Letter to residents advising of outcome, and information on how to comment on the Traffic Regulation Order. Second public consultation, with an opportunity to support or object to the TRO that would enforce the Residents Parking Zone (RPZ).

  4. Report and final decision

    Active September 2022

    Consultation outcome and decision of Traffic Regulation Order published. This is the final decision on whether the scheme is going ahead.

  5. Scheme implementation

    On targetDecember 2022

    Work commences December 2022 if the decision is made to progress with the scheme following the second stage of consultation.

  6. Monitoring and amendment

    On target 2023 to 2024

    If we implement the scheme, we will monitor how the restrictions operate, and may make very small changes to them where necessary, during the first year after implementation