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Oldfield Park and Westmoreland Residents Parking Zone (RPZ)

Have your say

Why are we consulting?

We would like your views on our Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) plans, to ensure that we make the most appropriate changes to parking in your streets.

What we are consulting on

We are asking for your views on the following:

  • Whether you are in favour of the proposals for a RPZ in Oldfield Park and Westmoreland, including the proposals for business-related parking
  • Any other comments you have on the proposals

We would also like to find out about current parking needs and availability. To ensure our proposals meet local need, we would like to find out more about the local parking situation:

  • How much off-street parking is available to residents
  • How many vehicles are kept at each residential address

Who we are consulting

We are inviting local residents and businesses to give us their views on the proposals that will affect them the most. However, anyone is welcome to respond to this consultation and share their views.

How to respond to the consultation

To take part and give your views on our proposals, complete our online questionnaire. This should take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

Warning This consultation is now closed.

If you have any specific queries about the proposals, please email or telephone Council Connect on 01225 39 40 41

If you have a friend, relative or neighbour who would like to respond but does not have internet access, please contact us to request a paper copy.

What happens next

This consultation will be open until 5pm, Thursday 18 November 2021. After it has closed, we'll publish the results on our website.

We'll use your responses to decide whether or not we should proceed to the next stage of consultation. If we do decide to go ahead, your responses will also help shape the layout of the proposed parking restrictions. 

The next stage involves advertising a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). This is the legal means for us to implement and enforce parking restrictions. Notices would be displayed in all roads affected by the proposals, to make people aware of the possible changes, and to give them the opportunity to comment. 

We will write to residents and businesses again to let you know the outcome of this first stage of consultation. 

View the project timeline for an overview of how we expect the project to progress.

Related consultation

We are currently consulting separately on district-wide parking policies, including charges for on-street Pay & Display parking, and how we manage and control all of the parking permits we issue. This consultation includes proposals aiming to improve air quality which will base charges for Residential Parking Permits on the emissions your vehicle produces. 

If these measures progress to becoming official council policy, through a TRO, they will govern how we issue, price and manage any new permits associated with the proposed Oldfield Park and Westmoreland RPZ. It means the cost of a permit in future could be higher or lower than charges shown in this consultation material. If we introduce these new policies, we will include this information in any future consultations on this RPZ.

Read more about the parking charges and permits consultation

Read about the proposed regulations and emissions-based charging structure for Residents' Parking Permits