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Odd Down Sports Ground development consultation

Scheme overview

Odd Down Sports Ground currently includes a 1.5km cycle track, a 3G pitch, grass pitches, a cricket square and a car park. The site also features a building with changing rooms, toilets, a café area and a multi-purpose Community Room.

Together with Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), we plan to upgrade the facilities at Odd Down to encourage more people to use the health and fitness resources at the site.

Our development plan

Our initial development plan includes the following upgrades:

  • A gym
  • A fitness studio/community space
  • An enclosed, sheltered external gym area
  • A new reception area at the front of the building
  • More energy-efficient lighting for the existing floodlights
  • Improvements to parking to allow more people to park during peak times or events
  • A Changing Places-standard accessible toilet, with a changing trolley, a height-adjustable hoist and a peninsular toilet suitable for wheelchair users

The addition of a studio and gym areas aims to improve daytime usage at the site. Currently, most people use the facilities at Odd Down in the evenings and at weekends.

Moving the reception to the front of the building also aims to make the customer journey easier for all visitors.

We intend to create an additional pedestrian and cycle entrance in the southeast corner of the site. This would link up with an accessible path around the site.

The illustration below shows how the site could look after the development project:

Image of a bus stop cycle lane bypass and a continuous walkway
A draft impression showing what Odd Down Sports Ground may look like following the development project. This is not the final design, as we will consider your feedback before finalising the design.


Our initial development plan includes changes to parking, such as the addition of new parking spaces and areas for overflow parking at busy times.

We will prepare a full traffic assessment and travel plan before finalising our parking proposals.

Potential improvements

We are also considering other potential improvements to the site during this early stage. A shortlist of possible options includes:

We have shortlisted the padel tennis courts and climbing facility as possibilities because funding opportunities exist from external partners.

We would like to hear your opinions on these possible additions to discover how popular each facility is, how frequently it would be used and who it would be used by. You can also make suggestions for other additions in the survey.

Once we have your feedback, we will identify the facilities that regular users and local residents want, and will shape our development plan with this feedback in mind.