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Odd Down Sports Ground development consultation

Project timeline

The timeline below shows the lifecycle of this project, including the current (active) stage, as well as expected future stages and timings if the scheme is approved and goes ahead to completion.

The timeline shows details of the current stage of the project. Select any stage to view more information.

  1.  Launch consultation

    Completed May 2022 to July 2022

    This consultation gives you an opportunity to give your thoughts about our development project for Odd Down Sports Ground.

  2. Feedback published and site additions agreed

    ActiveAutumn 2022

    Following the consultation, we have updated the design plan to incorporate some of the feedback that we received.

    Although popular amongst respondents, we have removed the climbing facility that was in the design drawings as the climbing operator withdrew themselves from the project.

    Consultation feedback
    Requests Responses
    Gym equipment needs to be inclusive The facility will be fully accessible and inclusive equipment such as hand bikes will be included in fitness areas. The building will also be upgraded to have a “Changing Places” standard disabled toilet.
    Request for functional fitness equipment and static bikes These will be included.
    Additional areas for fitness classes New studio space will be added and an outdoor fitness area will be included.
    Additional use by community groups for meetings/parties/events Additional studio space will allow more bookings in the community room to be accommodated.
    Perimeter trail around the site An all-weather, fully accessible path/trail is included in the designs.  
    Distance markers on the perimeter path Distance markers/posts to be installed. 
    Dog walkers’ uncertainty over path use Dog walkers will continue to be welcome to use the site to exercise their dogs (apart from on the marked-out pitches). All signage will be upgraded and reviewed. Welcoming signage will include usage guidelines for all users of the site including the path.
    Benches on the perimeter path Dwell and activity areas will be included on the perimeter path with benches.
    Current cycle parking is insecure and needs improving  A secure cycle storage unit will be installed
    Access road to BMX track in poor state and floods after heavy rain Resurfacing will be considered as part of the redevelopment project.
    Concerns over the impact of overspill parking when the site is busy The current car park will be reconfigured to provide more spaces and increase capacity. A non-tarmac overflow area will be identified and made available during busy periods. 
    Café should serve healthy, affordable food Healthy and affordable options will be made available. Eat Out, Eat Well health guidelines will be followed.
    Noise from increased activity and usage A noise assessment will be undertaken and mitigations will be put in place.
    Free natural play areas were popular A mini nature park area and natural play areas are being explored as part of our plan.
  3. Improvement works begin

    On target Spring 2023

    The addition of the new facilities at the site will begin. 

    The site will remain open while the upgrades are ongoing, but certain parts of the site may be closed for short periods of time while the work is taking place

  4. Improvement project completed

    On target Autumn 2023

    We anticipate that all new additions to the site will be completed by Summer 2023.