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Local Plan Partial Update (LPPU) - public consultation

Have your say

Why are we consulting? 

We are inviting you to comment on our draft Local Plan, before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for formal examination. We welcome your input on the document, which will have an impact on the people who live, work, visit or do business in the district, as well as future generations.

Read more about the formal status of this consultation
This is termed the Draft Regulation 19 (Publication) Local Plan consultation process. We are inviting you to submit your representations on the the Regulation 19 (Publication) Local Plan.

Please comment on these aspects of the Plan:

  • Its ‘soundness’
    In accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework, to be found sound, the Local Plan has to be all of the following things:

    • Positively prepared
    • Justified with an appropriate evidence base
    • Effective
    • Consistent with national policy
  • Its legal compliance (including compliance with the duty to cooperate)

What are we consulting on? 

We are asking for your comments on these documents:

  • Schedule of Changes to the Local Plan
  • Composite Plan (changes incorporated to the relevant volumes of the Plan)
  • Proposals Map

There are a substantial number of supporting documents, topic papers and evidence base documents which provide context for the policies in the Plan. 

View the full list of consultation documents

Who are we consulting? 

We are inviting residents, business owners, developers, built environment professionals and any other interested parties to give us their views on the Draft Plan. 

How to respond to the consultation

You can submit your comments online or by post. The online process is easier and quicker, and means that you will get an instant confirmation that we have received your comment.

Please see the Statement of Representation Procedure for further guidance on the purpose and status of this stage of consultation, and how to respond.


Our online commenting system has instructions to help you to make your representation. The system offers you a facility to upload documents in Word or PDF format to support any comment you make. You can also save comments and return to them before final submission.

, Submit your comments online

By post

You must download and print the Regulation 19 Representation form to lodge your comment. The form is in two parts:

  • You only need to complete one Part A , however many comments you wish to make
  • You must complete a separate copy of Part B for each comment, and return these with your single completed Part A

Add printed copies of any documents that support your comment, and then send your representations to:

  • Planning Policy Team
  • Lewis House
  • Manvers Street
  • Bath BA1 1JG

If you are having difficulty in submitting representations please email or call 01225 39 40 41 (and select option 6).

Warning The closing date for receipt of your comments is8 October 2021. We cannot consider any comments submitted after the closing date.

What happens next  

After the consultation has closed, we'll publish a feedback report on our website.

We'll submit the responses that we receive together with the Draft Plan for examination by a planning inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State.