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Journey to Net Zero: public consultation January 2022

What the journey to net zero will mean for you

We know that transport policy is technical, and includes a lot of terminology and information which is important, but hard to assess. The policies and projects in the Journey to Net Zero plan will have complex impacts on life in Bath and surrounding areas. The pages in this section are designed to make it easier for you to consider this large document and the recommendations it makes in ways which feel relevant to you.

To do this, we have used 'stakeholder perspectives', to break down the plan, and the material within it, into more manageable pieces. For most people, a number of these different perspectives are likely to be useful.

Exploring stakeholder perspectives

We have organised this section around the needs of different stakeholders (or interested groups) in the future of our transport policy. Many different factors influence what we think of as a stakeholder perspective. For example, these things have an impact on our transport needs and choices:

  • Where we are travelling to and from
  • The reason for our journey
  • The mode of transport we are using
  • How regularly we make our journey
  • Our experience of the journey (How easy / expensive / long / safe is it, and how important are each of these things?)
  • Whether we have a commercial interest in the movements of people in and around the city (such as a business which is dependent on spending by tourists or commuters)

How to use these pages

Each page is designed to explore travel policy and project impacts, from a particular perspective, in a bit more depth, and direct you to where in the Journey to Net Zero plan you can learn about these impacts.

We recognise that most people will see their interests reflected in many of the different stakeholder groups we have identified. Perhaps you are a parent who has to negotiate the busy school run by car, and then commutes to work by bike, for example, or maybe you own a local business, and also live outside the city.

Please consult any number of these pages that may apply to the different ways that transport in and around Bath is important to you. They will help you to get a fuller picture of the impacts we predict, and to support you in responding to this consultation.