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Journey to Net Zero: public consultation January 2022

The purpose of this consultation

Use this page, and our Project timeline, to understand the scope of this consultation, and the way in which it will shape our developing plans for transport policy and projects.

The things we are consulting on now

The Journey to Net Zero plan outlines projects that will support us on our journey to carbon neutrality. In this plan we have considered at a high level the potential scale of carbon reduction that the future projects could deliver. As the projects identified in this plan develop, we will consider their impact on reducing carbon in more detail. 

We have divided the projects into three categories:

  • Current projects
  • Projects that are already underway or have been delivered recently. These projects have been consulted on, and assuming the resource and funding is available will be delivered (if they have not already)
  • Developing projects
  • Projects which are under development and are subject to consultation and approval, currently or in the very near future
  • Future projects
  • Emerging projects that are not currently under development, but that we could pursue, in order to support the ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

While the plan we are presenting gives you a whole picture, including projects already implemented, or well on their way to delivery, this consultation process is focusing on just the part of the plan where your participation now will feed into the future outcome.
In our consultation survey, we are only asking for your suggestions on the future projects. We will use your feedback to better understand how these schemes may affect you, and to guide us in deciding which to follow, and how to implement those we select.