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Journey to Net Zero: public consultation January 2022

Document overview

The Journey to Net Zero plan is designed both as a reference point to record the transport-related challenges we now face, and a collection of policy commitments and concrete projects to outline how we aim to address these challenges.

Use this page to give you a quick understanding of how the document works, and how you can use it to share your views on our policy and projects.

Read more about the background to the naming of this project
When we first started researching and developing this sustainable transport project, our plan was known as the Bath Transport Delivery Action Plan. To better reflect the centrality to our plan of our Climate Emergency declaration in 2019, and our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030, we renamed the plan Journey to Net Zero: Reducing the environmental impact of transport in Bath.

How the plan is organised

This wide-ranging document is split into two main sections: 

  • Information and explanation
  • An explanation of our Climate Emergency declaration and commitment to reducing carbon emissions in B&NES. This includes what the Journey to net zero means, why it is important, both locally and internationally.
  • Action
  • A detailed exploration of our central transport policy themes (below), and the projects we are working on to deliver these policies in practical terms 

Policy themes 

Following a series of stakeholder workshops, we established a set of transport themes that considered the challenges identified in the Journey to Net Zero: Current and Futures Report 

  • Better public transport options
  • Delivering a range of public transport options to improve connectivity for all
  • Providing for travel by bike and on foot
  • Reducing the intrusion of vehicles to enable a bike and pedestrian friendly city
  • Creating improved places to live and work
  • Creating better connected, healthier and more sustainable communities through the more efficient use of road space
  • Cleaner, greener school travel
  • Enabling healthier, safer and greener ways to travel to and from school
  • Supporting future mobility
  • Exploiting the opportunities presented by evolving transport technology, to improve physical connectivity
  • Connecting Bath to rural communities and market towns
  • Improving connectivity on routes between Bath and the wider district

In our previous consultation on these themes, respondents were asked to select the transport themes of most importance to them. We had nearly 1,000 responses, and the most popular themes included:

  • Better public transport options
  • Providing for travel by bike and on foot
View feedback from this consultation

How we explore policy themes in the document

For each of the transport themes above, the plan outlines the following:

  • Why the theme is important, and who it particularly affects
  • Measures we are already committed to delivering (or have delivered)
  • Measures we are currently developing
  • The future projects which we believe will be needed