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How to pay the charge or log an exemption in Bath’s Clean Air Zone

From 15 March 2021, you may need to pay a daily charge to drive in Bath's Clean Air Zone if your vehicle does not meet required emission standards. This includes non-UK registered vehicles. 

You can check if charges apply to your vehicle(s) using GOV.UK’s Drive in a Clean Air Zone service. 

From 15 March, you can also use this service to pay the daily charge. Business accounts are available to check and pay for multiple vehicles. 

Check if you will be charged to drive in Bath's Clean Air Zone

If you are registered for a discount or an exemption in Bath’s Clean Air Zone, all transactions must be made using the Council's MiPermit service. This includes logging exempt travel or paying a discounted charge.

All payment services allow you to pay up to 6 days before, on the day of travel, or up to 6 days afterwards (13 days in total). 

Please see full details below.

WarningYou must declare each journey by voluntarily paying the charge within the payment window. You will not receive a reminder and autopay is not available, even for business user accounts.

If payment is not received within 7 days of travel in the zone, you could receive a penalty charge notice.

Times that charges apply

Daily charges apply 24 hours a day (midnight to midnight), 7 days a week, all year round when entering or driving in Bath’s Clean Air Zone. 

Because charges apply daily, you can enter or leave the zone multiple times in one day and still pay the same charge. 

If you drive in the zone across two days, for example before midnight and after midnight, you will need to pay two daily charges.

Charges do not apply if a vehicle is parked in the zone, but does not move.

The payment 'window'

You will need to pay the daily charge or log exempt travel within 7 days of your journey in the zone. This can be up to 6 days in advance, on the day the vehicle is driven in the zone, or in the following 6 days. The payment window is 13 days.

How to pay the charge from 15 March

From 15 March, if you drive a non-compliant vehicle in Bath’s CAZ, you must pay using GOV.UK’s Drive in a Clean Air Zone service.

Go to GOV.UK’s Drive in a Clean Air Zone service.

Payment is made by credit card or debit card on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

If you have a business user account you can save your organisation’s bank details to make one-off direct debit payments for multiple vehicles. See ‘How to manage and pay for two or more vehicles’ below. 

For support, the central support service is available on 0300 029 888 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm).

If you are registered to pay a discounted rate or you are required to log exempt travel, you must do this using MiPermit in the normal payment window (see below). 

How to manage and pay for two or more vehicles

If you are an organisation with two or more vehicles, you can set up a business user account to help you check multiple vehicles and manage future payments.

Set up a GOV.UK business user account

To create an account, you need two or more vehicles, a company name and email address. Once it’s set up you can:

  1. Check multiple vehicles
    To check which vehicles will be charged, you can upload number plates via a spreadsheet (CSV) or one by one. Using the number plate information, the service will then check whether the vehicles meet emission standards in Bath’s CAZ and other zones. Only vehicles that do not meet a zone’s emission standards will pay a charge.
  2. Assign account managers
    The primary account holder can invite up to ten team members to help manage the account.
  3. Set up a Direct Debit
    From 15 March you will be able pay for journeys made by multiple vehicles using a one-off direct debit payment. Direct debits can be set up from mid-January 2021.  
Warning The service works by you telling us the number of days your vehicles drive in a Clean Air Zone. All journeys must be self-declared within the payment window because no clean air zone will be operating an autopay service.

If you’re a local business and you’d like financial support to help upgrade your fleets rather than paying to drive in Bath’s Clean Air Zone, please find out more about our financial assistance scheme.

How to pay for a discounted journey

If your vehicle is registered for a local discount in Bath's Clean Air Zone, you must pay using the council’s MiPermit service within the payment window. 

Currently the only vehicles eligible for discounts are private heavy goods vehicles (PHGVs) for example, larger motorhomes and horse transporters.  

Please note that if you have registered for this discount, but fail to pay the discounted charge of £9 within 7 days, you could receive a penalty charge notice plus the charge for a regular journey (£100).

Check if your vehicle is eligible for an exemption or discount

Logging an exempt journey

If your vehicle is registered for a local exemption in Bath’s Clean Air Zone that requires you to log your days’ travel for the fee to be waived, you must do this using Mi-Permit within the payment window. 

How to use MiPermit

Use the MiPermit smartphone app

To manage exemptions or discounts in the zone, download MiPermit for Android  or MiPermit for iOS to your phone. You can then create an account, register your vehicle and manage your exemptions and discounted travel. If you’re not eligible for local exemptions/discounts, please pay the daily charge at

Use the MiPermit website

You can use the MiPermit website to register your exemption or discount, log your day’s travel (so that fees can be waived), or to pay  a discounted charge. If you’re not eligible for local exemptions/discounts, please pay the daily charge at

How to get a refund

Refunds will only be available if you have paid for your journey in advance, but then choose not to enter the zone on that day. You must apply for a refund before the journey date specified. You will need your vehicle registration number and the date of travel.

Details about how to apply for a refund will be available shortly before launch.