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Financial support to adapt or replace vehicles

We have helped adapt or replace over 900 polluting vehicles with cleaner, compliant ones through our financial assistance scheme. This means many drivers are no longer driving polluting vehicles in the city, helping improve air quality across Bath.

WarningYou can no longer apply for this scheme as it has now closed. All of our funding is allocated.

What the scheme achieved

  • Over 1500 applicants applied to us for financial support to replace their polluting vehicles.
  • We have adapted or replaced over 900 vehicles, to cleaner ones.
  • Since the launch of the zone, nitrogen dioxide concentrations have reduced across Bath, with an average reduction of 26%, inside the zone.
  • Compliance rates across all vehicle groups have improved.
  • By the end of 2022, we saw a 71% decrease in polluting vehicles driving in the zone, when compared to the first week that the zone launched.

Keep updated with the latest results on air quality, traffic flow and compliance rates in our annual and quarterly monitoring reports.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Interest-free finance and grants were offered to significantly reduce the final cost of replacing or adapting a polluting vehicle.
  • For many businesses, upgrading to a compliant vehicle is a cost-effective alternative to paying the charge over the longer term.
  • Upgrading to a compliant vehicle means drivers don’t need to pay charges in other charging clean air zones, such as Bristol.