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Draft Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Public Consultation

Document overview

This Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) aims to provide simple, practical guidance to support you when retrofitting or taking sustainable construction measures.

The Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD provides guidance in line with all current legal requirements and restraints. We hope to make changes to the document that make it easier for you to access the information you need.

We recommend that you also read the document in full before responding to the online consultation.

What the SPD includes

There are four topics in the Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD.

Introduction and policy context

Use this section to understand the reasons for producing the SPD, the policy context and the document's purpose. You can also read the specific requirements of each policy.

Type of development

Use this section to understand which types of building are required to complete the Checklist. You will also find definitions for certain buildings and types of application to help you.

How to complete the checklist

Use this section to understand which reporting tables are required to be completed by certain applications.

We have used graphs to demonstrate which reporting table to use according to the policies relevant to your development. We hope that this will make it easier for you to understand which tables in the SPD must be completed.

Table explanations

We have included supplementary text to help you complete each table. The supplementary text explains the different elements of the table and where appropriate, explains why we have included certain elements to provide you with a better understanding.

How and when to use the draft SPD

Development applications which require a completed Sustainable Construction Checklist include the following:

  • All new build proposals
  • All medium scale proposals
  • Larger works on existing buildings 

If you need planning, housing, building control or conservation guidance, our officers will first refer you to this SPD to provide you with advice and support.

The advice in this SPD should be used in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting & Sustainable Construction SPD (Jan 2022), which sets energy efficiency standards for certain types of development.