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Draft Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Public Consultation

Introduction and policy background

We are updating the Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and would like to know how you feel about the draft SPD. Use this collection of web pages to understand how the SPD may affect you or your planned development. 

The wider council policy context

The two core policies in our Corporate Strategy are to tackle the climate and ecological emergency and to give people a bigger say.

We declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019, with an Emergency Action Plan designed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

The Local Plan Partial Update (LPPU) is one of many ways that we can work towards our targets to tackle the Climate Emergency, become carbon neutral and protect and enhance biodiversity.

The planning policy context

Sustainable Construction is an important priority for us, ensuring that we continue to tackle the Climate Emergency and keep new developments to a sustainable standard. This has been reflected in updated policies in the draft Local Plan Partial Update (LPPU).

The new policies within the LPPU include:

  • Water efficiency (SCR5)
  • New build residential (SCR6)
  • New build non-residential (SCR7)
  • Embodied Carbon (SCR8)

The Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting & Sustainable Construction SPD provides guidance on how to improve the energy performance of an existing building. We recommend that you view it in conjunction with the Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD to determine the best, most sustainable options for any building or development project.

The draft Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD aims to help you to make environmentally-focused building decisions for new developments or major refurbishments, in line with planning legislation. It also provides reporting templates for the draft LPPU policies.

We are updating the draft Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD to make the guidance easier to follow, navigate and use.