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Burial options at Haycombe

Haycombe's 36-acre site offers a number of different burial options, to suit your needs and preferences. There are different burial areas within the cemetery, covering consecrated and unconsecrated ground and sections devoted to different religions and faiths. You also have the choice of different types of grave, from more accessible ones, or a green alternative, to the more traditional grave site, with scope for a highly personal memorial.

View your options below for an overview, or contact our experienced and compassionate Bereavement Services team on 01225 39 60 20, for a personal appointment to discuss your wishes in more detail. 

Green burial

This eco-burial option, with a tree planted over the grave, offers a way to nurture new life and rebirth

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Lawn grave

Take care of your worries about maintenance with these grass-covered grave plots

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Traditional grave

Traditional grave with space for up to two burials, and with maximum freedom over your choice of memorial

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