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Lawn grave

lawn graves at Haycombe
lawn graves at Haycombe
Aerial view of Haycombe

Lawn graves are different from a traditional grave, in that the surrounding ground is kept flat, with the grass regularly mown short by Haycombe staff. These areas of the cemetery are more accessible than traditional burial grounds, and wheelchair users or those with mobility issues may find it a lot easier to visit a lawn grave.

Choosing a lawn grave means there is less of a worry about maintenance, but still the reassurance that the grave will always be neat, tidy and well looked after. In order to make this maintenance possible, there are restrictions on the type and size of headstone you can choose for this sort of grave, and you will need to be ready to give details of the memorial you would like at the time of ordering. There are also some site-wide regulations for safety and appropriacy of memorials, and you will be responsible for maintaining the memorial.

Lawn graves normally have space for one full burial. In some cases, it may be possible to request a double depth interment, allowing space for another burial at a later date, so family members can be re-united after death. Cremation ashes may be added at a later date, once all full burials have taken place.

You may find it useful to view our page on choosing and managing a burial plot, to explore the different areas for lawn graves in Haycombe, and to view our list of things to consider when buying a memorial.

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