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Beckford Road: Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation

The purpose of this consultation


In February and March 2021 we consulted on three schemes designed to promote active travel in Bath. The results from the consultation were reported to Cabinet on 23 June 2021. We decided to proceed to the Traffic Regulation Order stage of consultation with two schemes which are financially supported by the government's time-limited Active Travel Fund: Upper Bristol Road and Beckford Road.

The City Centre to University of Bath (Copseland) proposal, which is not financially supported by the Active Travel Fund, will progress to the next stage of consultation separately next year.

Update since previous consultation

Following the results of the first consultation, we have made several changes to our proposals.

Cabinet decided that the proposed bus gate in North Road should not proceed for the time being. We will need to do further consultation to determine the best route for cyclists between the city centre, the University of Bath and Claverton Down.

Creating a cycle path along the closed section of The Avenue (a proposal that is connected to determining the best route for cyclists) is therefore also on hold for now.

The proposed cycle lane on Beckford Road still provides an important link to the canal towpath cycle route, so we are taking forward this part of the scheme.

Consultation results summary

At the first stage of consultation, 64% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they support reducing space for car parking to create a new eastbound (uphill) cycle lane on Beckford Road.

Comments frequently agreed to the need to provide measures to make cycling safer, in particular with reference to the number of HGVs on Beckford Road.

Many respondents also agreed that the proposal would improve cycle links to the canal towpath (National Cycle Network Route 4) and Cleveland Pools.

Common comments against the proposals included difficulties caused by the removal of parking and questions over the justification for the cycle lane.

We have made several amendments to the original proposals, and will highlight these in the following pages.

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Next stage of consultation: Traffic Regulation Orders

To implement this scheme, we have to produce Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). These are legal documents that enable us to put in place certain traffic restrictions and allow them to be enforced.

We cannot introduce TROs without giving people the opportunity to object to them. There is a statutory 21 day period for publishing proposed TROs and seeking comments.

This consultation is therefore focused on the TROs which are required for this scheme. The following measures in the proposals require TROs:

  • Changes to controls on parking and loading
  • The introduction or extension of cycle lanes

We also need to give people the opportunity to comment on proposed traffic calming measures such as road humps (part of proposed continuous footways).