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Beckford Road: Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation

Project timeline

The timeline below shows the lifecycle of this project, including the current (active) stage and those already completed, as well as expected future stages and timings, if the scheme is approved and goes ahead to completion.

This consultation

  1. Public consultation on scheme proposals

    Completed 22 Feb to 22 Mar 2021

    The first stage of the consultation is now closed.

    View a map of the scheme
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  2. Decision

    Completed Summer 2021

    The results from the first consultation were considered by the Cabinet on 23rd June 2021. We decided that only the Beckford Road element of the scheme should proceed to the Traffic Regulation Order stage of consultation.

    We will undertake further work and consultation in the near future to identify the best route to improve for cyclists and people walking from the city centre to the University of Bath and the Claverton Down area.

    Read the report on the Active Travel Fund scheme and the minutes from the meeting.

  3. This consultation

    Completed December 2021

    This consultation ran from 30 November 2021 to 4 January 2022 and gave you an opportunity to state your support for, or objection to, the Traffic Regulation Orders

    We will publish a feedback report after this period of consultation.

  4. Report and final decision


    The decision has been taken to go ahead with the scheme, with a few very minor changes.

    We have also published the report which explains how the decision has been reached, together with a report on the analysis of the consultation responses.

    The Notice of Making for the TROs will be published on 14 April 2022 on our TRO web page.

  5. Scheme implementation

    On target Summer to Autumn 2022

    The TROs will be brought into effect over the summer, which is when construction is due to start. It is expected to be completed in the autumn.

  6. Monitoring

    On target Ongoing

    We will undertake traffic flow counts and surveys before and after project implementation.

    We will also undertake a review of the scheme after it has been in place for 12 months, to assess what has worked well and what could be improved.

    We will publish information on the cycle and motor vehicle flows, and results from opinion surveys about the scheme.