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A4 Upper Bristol Road: Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation

The purpose of this consultation


In February and March 2021 we consulted on three Active Travel schemes. The results from the consultation were reported to Cabinet on 23rd June 2021 where it decided to proceed with two schemes to the Traffic Regulation Order stage of consultation: Upper Bristol Road and Beckford Road.

The City Centre to University of Bath (Copseland) proposal, which was not part of the Active Travel Fund, will progress to the next stage of consultation separately next year.

Update since previous consultation

At the first stage of consultation, a majority of respondents agreed to the principle of reducing space for motor vehicles to create cycle lanes across this road. 

Comments frequently agreed that measures were needed to reduce intimidation from motor traffic and make cycling safer. There was also support for the provision of continuous footways across side road junctions.

Common comments against the proposals included the difficulties that removal of parking would create (such as for unloading), the potential impact on businesses and parking pressure in Zone 6.

We have made several amendments to the proposals to address these concerns, which are highlighted in the following sections. The main concerns we have addressed relate to the loss of parking and the use of the road by the emergency services.

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Next stage of consultation: Traffic Regulation Orders

To implement this scheme, we have to produce Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). These are legal documents that enable us to put in place certain traffic restrictions and allow them to be enforced.

We cannot introduce TROs without giving people the opportunity to object to them. There is a statutory 21 day period for publishing proposed TROs and seeking comments.

This consultation is therefore focused on the TROs which are required for this scheme. The following measures in the proposals require TROs:

  • changes to controls on parking and loading
  • proposed 20mph speed limit
  • cycle lanes

We also need to give people notice when we intend to install a new zebra crossing and provide the opportunity to comment when we propose traffic calming measures such as road humps (part of proposed continuous footways).