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The Willow Tree

The Grassland and the Willow Tree sculpture
View of the Willow Tree sculpture with views at Haycombe
willow tree sculpture at Haycombe
close up of a leaf on the willow tree sculpture at Haycombe
willow tree sculpture at Haycombe
Willow tree leaf

Crafted specially for us from stone and steel, the willow is a unique and distinctive memorial sculpture. It has a striking appearance, and is designed to weather in time to deeper natural tones and colours.

This tree is perfectly placed for celebrating your loved ones, within easy reach of all of our scattering areas for cremation ashes. Situated in the northwest of the cemetery, you can take in the beautiful views of Newton St Loe and the surrounding countryside on a visit to the sculpture.

A simple granite leaf carved with the name and dates of a loved one can be added to one of the branches of the willow tree. Memorial leaves are available to purchase on a ten-year lease, with the option to renew in ten-year increments.



Prices cannot be guaranteed due to circumstances regarding supply that are beyond our control. Please make an enquiry to confirm pricing.

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