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The Glade

The glade at Haycombe
The glade at Haycombe
The glade tower at Haycombe
a box for birds and bugs at Haycombe
The glade at Haycombe
The Glade memorial tower

This is a natural wooded area where cremation ashes can be scattered loosely among the trees. It is abundant with wildlife and birdsong; to the natural habitats for hedgehogs and squirrels we have added bird boxes, bug hotels, log stools and a rustic bird table, to encourage a variety of creatures to make this place their home. The trees and winding path give a sense of privacy in The Glade, making it a lovely and intimate place to visit, and an ideal spot to remember a nature lover.



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Within this pretty area, there are three different memorial options: you have the choice of a polished granite bench, a Welsh slate memorial plaque on the glade tower, or a granite plaque on a woodland mushroom.

Plaque options are available to purchase on a lease period of ten years, which can be extended in ten-year increments.

Glade options

Glade Memorial Tower

An elegant granite tower with inscribed memorial plaques made of Welsh slate

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Woodland Mushrooms

Commemorate a nature lover on one of our memorial woodland mushrooms in The Glade

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