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Sustainable Construction and Retrofitting Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - public consultation

Developers, architects and other built environment professionals: what this means for you

This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) aims to provide the guidance to deliver new construction and retrofitting development which is as energy efficient as possible. This means reducing the impact on the Climate Emergency, and will help to future-proof developments you work on. Your views on the document can help to ensure that this policy takes account of the needs and circumstances of your business.

As a built environment professional, the guidance in the SPD aims to make it easier for you to work more sustainably, to meet statutory and local obligations, and to assess and certify this. Opting for greater energy efficiency can save you money, and enhance the quality and value of the property you work on, as well as improving the quality of life of those who occupy it.

The following parts of the SPD may be of particular interest to you:

Sustainable Construction

The nine key principles in this section outline how to approach design, construction and build projects, at all scales, more sustainably. The assessment tools page provides further resources and methodologies for professionals to build more sustainably, in addition to assessment calculators, and certifications. 

Retrofitting Measures

This section provides Planning consent advice which you may wish to refer to. It also provides an overview of retrofitting measures which you can incorporate into your designs. We recommend considering the issue of retrofitting at the early design and construction stages, as it enables you to integrate measures which will make your constructions more adaptable to climate change and more likely to be compliant with future statutory standards.

You may also find the following section useful:

Affordable Warmth

Awareness of the issue of fuel poverty at the design stage can help you to create developments which are easier to heat efficiently and economically, and so offer occupants a higher quality of living. 

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