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Report a problem with roadworks

Report a problem with roadworks online or by phone.

WarningIf you feel your issue is urgent, you can report this as an emergency

What you can report

You can report a problem with current roadworks, or if you are aware of any works taking place which are not listed on our website.

Before you report it

You will need to provide the following information to us:

  • Your contact details (we may need to contact you to clarify a location or nature of the problem)
  • Accurate description of the issue (for example, barriers around the excavation have fallen over into the road and are causing an obstruction to traffic, or temporary traffic lights not working)
  • Organisation doing the works (council or contractor and type of utility e.g. cable, electricity, gas, water, telecom)
  • Location:
    • Street name (if known)
    • Nearby street names (if known)
    • Local land marks (e.g. outside of the post office, on the junction of, near the roundabout by)

Report it

Call us, or alternatively, report a problem with roadworks on our website.

Using our website to report issues
You will need to provide the following information to us


  • Drains and flooding
  • Public spaces and parks
  • Roads and pavements
  • Rubbish and environment

Report it online 

For real-time monitoring of roadworks and traffic issues, you can use the website.