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Report light pollution

You can make a complaint about a light nuisance or light pollution in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

We can investigate:

  • Artificial light coming from residential properties
  • Artificial light coming from commercial properties

If you want to report light pollution from a street light, you need to report a lighting issue.

Find out about light nuisances we don't investigate

We don't investigate light nuisances from:

  • Railways
  • Bus premises
  • Public service vehicle operating centres, such as a fire station
  • Goods vehicle operating centres
  • Prisons

In these cases, you should report a light nuisance issue directly to the organisation that is causing the problem.

Before you report it 

It’s always a good idea to try and resolve problems informally. Try and talk to the lighting owner, they may not be aware that they are causing a problem. 

If this doesn't resolve the problem or you can't talk to the person responsible, you can report it to us.

Before you report light pollution you will need the following information:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • The address you are complaining about and the type of nuisance
  • When and for how long the nuisance normally occurs
  • The way the nuisance affects you 

We will not investigate anonymous complaints.

Report it

You can report a light pollution problem using our online form.

Report it

Next steps

After you have reported the light pollution issue to us, we will contact you within two working days to discuss the problem.

If a formal complaint is necessary, we will write to the property that is causing the problem. We will tell them that we have received a complaint, and give them advice so they can stop causing further problems.