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Pupil Premium Grant for previously looked-after children

Pupil Premium Grant funding is available to maintained schools to support the education of previously looked-after children.

The Pupil Premium Grant is currently £2,345 per year, and is for students from Reception up to Year 11.

The grant is available to children that have been in care and are now either adopted or cared for through one of the following arrangements:

  • A special guardianship order.
  • A child arrangement order, formerly known as a residence order.

Funding eligibility

In order to receive the Pupil Premium Grant, the school needs to see evidence of a child’s adopted status so that they can enter this onto their Autumn term census.

We as a virtual school receive no funding for these children, unlike children that are currently in care. We provide advice and guidance to support educational outcomes, but we can not offer further funding.

Best practice for schools

Schools need to show on their website how they have used any Pupil Premium funding. It is good practice for schools to involve parents in discussions about how to use the funding to maximise educational outcomes for their child.

Every school should have a designated teacher, and this will be the best person to contact at the school.

If a child is educated in a Bath and North East Somerset school, you can contact us for guidance and support