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Oldfield Park and Westmoreland RPZ: Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation

What this scheme means for you

This page contains a very brief summary of the proposals for this Residents' Parking Zone (RPZ) which we previously consulted on. Read the original consultation for the full detail. Select a section below to read in detail about what this RPZ may mean for you, and the different types of parking permits which you may be eligible for.


What the permit allows

This permit allows residents to park in marked permit holder bays on the street for unlimited periods within the zone's operating hours (8am to 6pm). We will manage the permit application, administration and parking enforcement processes digitally, so there will be no paper permit to display inside the vehicle. 

Who the permit is for

Residents who regularly spend four or more nights per week at a residential premises within the zone will be able to apply. We will use Council Tax records to prove residency, and the vehicle the permit is for will need to be registered with the DVLA at that address.

Limits and conditions

A Residents' Parking Permit does not guarantee a parking space on the street. The cost of the permit is a fee for membership of the scheme, not a payment for parking. Having a Residents' Parking Permit does not allow you to park illegally, for example on yellow lines.

The available safe parking space on local roads allows for a maximum of two Residents' Parking Permits per household.

Where properties have off-street space which could be used for parking (which means any vehicle accessible space at least 2.5 x 5m in size), this will affect the number of permits which are available, as follows:

Permit entitlement
Off-street parking space Number of permits
No off-street parking 2
1 space 1
2 or more spaces 0

Permits are valid for only one vehicle at a time. You can register up to 4 vehicles when you purchase a permit, and you can change the assigned vehicle at any time, as long as it is registered with the DVLA at the address used for the permit.


We now base our permit charges on the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the vehicle registered against your permit, or engine capacity (where emission data is missing or not available). The higher charges aim to reduce the use of more polluting vehicles in order to reduce public health risks posed to pedestrians by air pollution. (View our Spring 2021 and Autumn 2021 public consultations for background information.) 

You can check your vehicle's emissions rating or engine capacity free of charge online.

Permit costs range from £50 to £400 (in some cases), and with an average cost of £125, or around 34p a day - the charge is based on the most polluting vehicle added to a permit at the time its purchased. View our terms and conditions for further information on emissions-based permits, including eligibility, zones, operational hours and a full breakdown of costs.

View terms and conditions

We need to charge for permits to help cover the costs of running the scheme and we would not be able to operate it without doing so. These costs include administration, such as checking documentation required to meet the eligibility requirements, and enforcement. Although we receive an income from issuing fines to people who breach parking restrictions in RPZ, they do not cover the RPZ costs.

Permits can be purchased for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Monthly permits include a small additional surcharge to cover increased transaction costs but 3 and 6 month permits are charged pro rata at the 12 month charge rate.

Parking for you 

You'll be able to register and manage your account online through our parking app MiPermit. You will also be able to assign your permits to specific vehicle registrations. You can change these at any time, but a permit can only be registered to one vehicle at a time. 

Parking for your visitors 

If you have visitors to your property, you will be able to purchase Visitor Permits on their behalf. This applies even if you aren't eligible for a Residents' Parking Permit yourself, or don't have a vehicle.

You can buy permits through MiPermit, our digital permit service. Find out more about how to buy Visitors Permits

Parking for Blue Badge holders 

If you have no suitable off-street parking 

If you, or a member of your household, is a Blue Badge holder and you keep a car at your address, you may be entitled to an advisory disabled parking bay. See our page on accessible parking for more details of the conditions governing these bays. If you are eligible, we will mark a bay on the road near your home, free of charge.  These are advisory bays and may be legally used by any vehicle as long as it also has a valid Residents' Permit or displays a Blue Badge.

Parking on the street in a Residents Parking Zone 

It is not necessary to have a Residents' Parking Permit to park in any disabled bay  within a Residents Parking Zone, but you must display a valid Blue Badge correctly in your vehicle at all times when parked in any disabled bay. 

If you park in a permit holder bay or an advisory bay (one that has road markings, but no sign), you still need a valid Residents' or Visitor Parking Permit, but you will still need to display your Blue Badge.


What the permit allows

This permit allows visitors to park in permit holder bays (residents’ or dual use parking) on the street for time-limited periods.

Who the permit is for

Visitors to anyone who lives in the RPZ can use a visitor permit, but it is the resident who has to apply. The visitor will need to use a Visitor Permit, even if the person they are visiting does not have a vehicle or Resident's Parking Permit.

The resident you are visiting will manage digital visitor permits online through MiPermit, so there will be no need to display a permit inside the vehicle.


People who are carers of a relative that lives within the zone should, in most circumstances, be able to use the visitor permits their relative will be entitled to in order to visit them. If the allocation of visitor permits is not enough to cover their needs, we can consider increasing the allowance on a case by case basis.

Limits and conditions

A visitor parking permit does not guarantee a parking space on the street, and it does not allow you to park illegally, for example on yellow lines.

How to apply

Residents manage their digital visitor permits online through MiPermit. See our web page to find out how to apply for a visitor parking permit.


The current charges are £10 for 100 hours of visitor parking. Permits are valid for 12 months form the date of purchase, with a maximum rolling 12 month allowance of 1000 hours, per property.

View our terms and conditions for further information on eligibility, digital and paper permits, entitlement and costs.

View terms and conditions


What the permit allows

This permit allows parking in permit holder bays on the street for visitors to a business, or vehicles owned or operated by that business. The permit application, administration, and parking enforcement processes are managed digitally, so there will be no paper permit to display inside the vehicle. Business Permit parking is time-limited, unlike Residents' Permit parking.

Who the permit is for

There are two types of business permits and a business in the proposed zone can purchase up to two permits in any combination, where no off-street parking facilities are available.

Business Visitor Permit

This permit allows parking in permit bays for visitors to the business. It does not require a registration number at application, but the customer will need to provide their vehicle registration number when the permit is activated for them. This is done via a Permit On Demand (POD) account in MiPermit.

Business Vehicle Permit

This permit is for vehicles owned and operated by a business, school, or organisation and which are required for its day to day operations (for example, to undertake customer deliveries). A business vehicle permit is vehicle specific and can only be used for the nominated vehicle. It cannot be shared by multiple vehicles.

Limits and conditions

A business permit does not guarantee a parking space on the street, it does not allow you to park illegally, for example on yellow lines, nor can it be used to provide regular staff parking

How to apply

Businesses need to complete an application form from our website, and provide copies of the following:

  • The most recent Business Rates bill
  • The vehicle registration document naming the business or school as the registered keeper of the vehicle (when applying for a vehicle specific permit)

Once businesses have registered their account, they can manage it online through MiPermit.


Digital business vehicle permits are available on a 12-monthly or six-monthly basis through MiPermit.

Charges vary depending on whether you’re buying your first or second permit.

View our terms and conditions for further information on business permits, including eligibility, zones, operational hours and a full breakdown of costs.

View terms and conditions

Community organisations

We will consider providing permits for staff of community organisations that have little or no off-street parking, such as schools within the zone. We will assess applications on a case-by-case basis. You will need to produce an organisational travel plan within the first year of the zone coming into effect, using the online Modeshift STARS travel planning portal.

This plan will commit your organisation to the following sustainable travel principles:

  • Reducing vehicle use
  • Encouraging more journeys to be taken on foot, by bike, or public transport

We will the negotiate with each organisation on a case-by-case basis to reduce the number of permits available by approximately 10% per year where appropriate, to encourage your organisation to transition to fewer vehicle journeys. The number of emissions-based chargeable permits available will be assessed according to your organisation’s needs, and you would manage the allocation of permits to your staff using MiPermit. Permits would not be available to staff living within 2 miles of the zone boundary.

Disabled staff or visitors from businesses or community organisations within the zone can park in any permit holder or time limited parking bay, if displaying a valid Blue Badge in their vehicle, and do not require a separate permit.

Other permits

You may need a permit to park in an RPZ area for trade or commercial reasons. Select from the following options for further details on eligibility, cost and how to apply for your permit: