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Liveable Neighbourhoods public engagement, Nov 2021

Project timeline

The timeline below shows the lifecycle of this project, up to the finalising of Liveable Neighbourhood scheme designs for the Phase 1 areas. It includes the current (active) stage and those already completed, as well as expected future stages and timings, if the project is approved and goes ahead to completion.

We plan to look at further areas following Phase 1, but don't yet have a schedule for this work. We will update our Liveable Neighbourhoods website pages, when details become available.

  1. Liveable Neighbourhoods strategy development

    Complete Stage completed: July 2020

    Development of three strategies to set out how we can tackle the climate crisis, through the adoption of more sustainable and healthy transport options, and help to rethink how we use our local streets. We published these in preparation and support for our initial public consultation.

  2. Initial public consultation

    Complete Stage completed: September to October 2020

    Collection of ideas to inform our policy for the introduction of Liveable Neighbourhoods in Bath and North East Somerset, using an online survey, as well as a mapping platform giving respondents the opportunity to identify transport-related problems affecting their area. 

    View the consultation support material

  3. Consultation report and outcome

    Complete Stage completed: December 2020

    We published the consultation outcome summary on 7 December 2020. Council Cabinet reviewed a report based on this summary on 10 December 2020, with the following aims:

  4. Project progress update

    Complete Stage completed: June 2021

    We submitted a report for approval by Council Cabinet on 23 June 2021. This report contains details of the following: 

  5. Community engagement

    Complete 29 November 2021 to 3 January 2022

    We have created and launched an online mapping tool for each of the 15 phase 1 areas identified as Liveable Neighbourhoods. This digital tool offers the opportunity to comment on what is good about each area and what could be improved. 

  6. Engagement feedback report published

    Active 16 February 2022

    We have published our engagement feedback report. This will inform our decisions on what schemes to fast track, and which to move to co-design.

    Read the engagement feedback report

  7. Establish pilot intervention

    On target January 2022

    Based on the feedback from the public engagement, and the complexity of suggested changes in different areas, we will look at all schemes, and decide which, if any, will be suitable for fast-tracking, where we can deliver simpler changes and offer 'quick wins' for communities

  8. Co-design of schemes

    On target March to July 2022

    A series of co-design workshops with members of each community, to develop a preferred concept design for each of the Phase 1 Liveable Neighbourhood areas

  9. Preliminary technical designs

    On target July to October 2022

    Preparation of preliminary technical designs, using the feedback received from during the concept design public consultation

  10. Community engagement

    On target October to November 2022

    Public engagement offering the opportunity to comment on the proposed preliminary designs, via a virtual online public consultation.