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Through-traffic restrictions - project timeline

The timeline below shows the project stages we followed for the Southlands, Queen Charlton and Church Street through-traffic restriction trials from 2022 to 2024.

In early 2024, a decision was made to permanently adopt all three trials, subject to the formal Traffic Regulation process.

Through-traffic restriction trials are part of the wider Liveable Neighbourhood (LN) programme. Where the trials are successful, they are progressed ahead of other LN developments.

The aim is to create a safer, healthier environment for walking, cycling, and playing outside to improve public health and well-being.

During the trials we ran an ongoing six-month public consultation, monitored the traffic impacts and conducted an ‘end-point’ survey with residents living on or near the trials.

Reports on the outcomes of these surveys are available below.

  1. Community engagement on 15 Liveable Neighbourhoods (LNs)

    Completed 29 November 2021 to 3 January 2022

    We launched an online mapping tool for residents to map what is good about each of the 15 areas prioritised for improvements in the LN programme. We also asked what could be improved, and what measures would have most impact.

  2. Engagement feedback report on 15 LNs published

    Completed 16 February 2022

    We published our engagement feedback report. This informed our decisions on what areas to fast-track under pilot schemes to trial through-traffic restrictions.

    Read the engagement feedback report

  3. Through-traffic restriction schemes established

    Completed January 2022

    The project board, with the support of ward members, established 5 single roads within the 15 areas where there was felt to be significant support for vehicle restrictions to tackle anti-social driving on inappropriate roads.

    Trials progressed in three areas in Winter 2022, piloted ahead of other improvements to the areas that will be consulted upon in Summer 2023.

  4. LN co-design workshops

    Completed May to July 2022

    We hosted community workshops to help residents from the 15 LNs to develop a long-list of ideas to improve their neighbourhood. These varied from better routes for walking, cycling and wheeling to measures to combat speeding, through traffic and anti-social parking.

    View the workshop output reports for all 15 LN areas.

  5. Through-traffic restriction engagement

    Completed 2 to 30 August 2022

    We asked residents and the wider public to share their views on four schemes to reduce through-traffic on residential streets, and to give their comments on a preliminary design.

    Three schemes are being piloted ahead of other improvements in the LN programme.

    Find out more

  6. Decision to proceed and detailed design

    Completed October 2022

    We have published reports outlining the feedback we have received on each of the four proposals during the public engagement, along with single member decision reports on three schemes where we have recommended proceeding to trial.

    The final decision on whether or not the trials should proceed was made in November 2022.

    Detailed designs were created for each trial location. Trials progressed in Autumn/Winter 2022.

  7. Baseline and trial data collection

    Completed October 2023

    During one week in October 2022 (before the trial), we monitored walking, cycling and vehicular traffic levels on roads around the trial locations. Please note that this is raw data.

    In April and October 2023 (during the trial) we conducted the same exercise to understand the impacts of the trials. We have compared the data and published reports on our findings.

    The information in the reports, along with the results of other surveys, will inform any decision to permanently adopt the scheme.

    You can read the reports in 'Consultation output reports' below.

  8. Experimental Traffic Order Regulation (ETRO) trial

    Completed November 2022 to May 2024

    The trials were installed on 28 November 2022 for a minimum of six and a maximum of 18 months and remain in place (see the decision notice below). A public consultation ran for the first six months of each scheme. You can read more about each scheme on the dedicated pages for each area:

  9. Consultation outcome reports

    Completed Winter 2023 to 2024

    To inform this decision to make these schemes permanent under a formal TRO process, we published the outcomes of the consultation for each of the three trials which were considered by the relevant cabinet member, ward councillors, and council officer.

    Please also see the decision notice below.

  10. Decision on making the through-traffic restrictions permanent

    Completed February 2024

    In January 2024, the outcomes of the ETRO consultations were published along with the traffic and air-quality monitoring reports to inform a decision on whether to make each trial permanent under formal Traffic Regulation Orders.

    On 26 January, the Cabinet Member for Highways took the decision to start the TRO process to make each of the three trials permanent. This decision was subject to a five-day call-in period.

    View the decision notices and relevant reports below.

    The schemes were subject to further consultation with highways and emergency services, ward councillors, and the relevant cabinet member as part of this TRO process.

    A decision on the future of the trials had to be made within 18 months of the ETROs being made (May 2024).