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Fees for services at Haycombe Cemetery

Use this page to find fees for burial, cremation and other bereavement services at Haycombe Cemetery for the current financial year (1 April to 31 March).

Your funeral director will usually deal with making all of the arrangements for purchasing and paying for our services, but please contact our friendly and compassionate team if you'd like to discuss the services you need. You can email us at or call on 01225 396020.

All charges exclude VAT (except where it is indicated that this is included).


Interment and right of interment fees

The majority of the cost of a burial is in the purchasing of a right of interment (a long lease on a personal or family grave). You can read more about what this involves on our page on choosing and managing a burial plot. The right of interment fee varies, depending on the duration of the lease and the type of grave you choose. As there is pressure on space in all cemeteries, there is a reduced fee payable when the deceased was a resident of Bath and North East Somerset, with a full fee payable for those who lived elsewhere. Please see our page on burial options at Haycombe for more information on the choices available.

The fees below refer to burial plots for people who were aged 17 or more when they died. Unless you are buying a right of interment for a new family burial plot, babies and children (up to and including age 16) are buried in a special designated area of Haycombe, and there is no fee for the right of interment.

Standard and green burial graves

With these graves, there is often the option to have a deeper interment, so that a partner or family member can also be buried in the same plot at a later date. We charge for the interment separately, so you can choose the option which suits your family's needs.

Right of interment duration B&NES residents Non-B&NES residents
30 years £997 £1993
50 years £1656 £3313
75 years £2081 £4162
99 years £2399 £4798
Interment fees
Single depth  £715
Double depth (where this is possible) £891

Vault graves

This type of grave is reinforced with concrete, which will protect the coffin from damage and prevent sinkage in the soil, preserving the appearance and ground stability around the grave site. It is only possible to have a single burial in a vault grave, and the fee for this single interment is included in the charge.

Right of interment duration B&NES residents Non-B&NES residents
50 years £3231 £6463
75 years £4640 £9280
99 years £4958 £9916

The burial service

Funeral services for burials usually take place in our Top Chapel (near the front gate of the cemetery). For further details of the funeral services we provide, and the features provided in the chapel, please see our page on the burial service: what to expect

Service Charge
Top Chapel booking (per 30-min) £137
Late arrival / over-run of booked time slot £83
Tree and plaque for green burials £319 (inc VAT)

Other services

In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel an interment after the preparation of the grave has already started, or to exhume a body for reasons such as repatriation, medical or legal concerns. Charges for exhumation will depend on an assessment of the particular grave site concerned.

Service Charge
Cancellation of interment £353
Exhumation (fee depends on the individual circumstances) from £3183


Cremation fees

Items which are included in the cremation fee

Our cremation fees include the cost of a number of services which are essential for a safe and legal cremation, as well as the provision of the following facilities at the crematorium chapel:

For the funeral service

  • Provision of organ (If you wish to use this during the funeral service, you may want to ask your funeral director to organise for an organist to play)
  • Provision of Wesley System (our audio visual system)
  • Facility to accept larger coffins

After the service

  • An unwitnessed burial of ashes in one of our communal shrubberies or scattering of ashes in one of our communal areas. Please view our page After cremation: your options at Haycombe to find out about the wide range of options available
  • Recycling of metals recovered through cremation, benefiting a national charity scheme
  • Abatement and recycling of mercury from cremation emissions
  • Provision of a biodegradable container for cremation ashes, if required

Safety and legal services

  • Certificate of cremation
  • Medical referee's fee (a medical certificate stating that there are no surgical implants which would mean that it's not safe to perform cremation)

For adults and children over 17 years

The fee which is payable depends on the length of service you require at the crematorium. To manage chapel bookings and offer a reliable service to everyone who needs it, we run a fixed daily calendar of service start times. Please note the times which are available for different lengths of service, and let your funeral director know which you require. 

Available times Service duration Cremation fee
8.30 Unattended cremation £530
9.00,  9.30 20-minute service £824
10.00, 10.45, 11.30, 12.15, 13.00, 13.45, 14.30, 15.15, 16.00 30-minute service £991
from 16.45 45-minute service £1253*
Additional fees    
Crematorium Chapel Extra time (per 30 minutes) £196
Top Chapel Extra time (per 30 minutes) £137
Additional charge for Saturday services (where staff are available) £196
Bringing the deceased into our care before cremation £20

*The fee for a 45-minute service includes a DVD recording of the service (if this has been requested and authorised by the person who signed the cremation form).

For larger funeral parties, or longer services, it may be appropriate to book the Top Chapel for part or all of your service. Please see our section on facilities and services, to see what is available.

For babies and children up to and including 17 years of age

These cremations, including a service of up to 30 minutes at the crematorium, are free of charge. For services of 30 minutes, just the Crematorium Chapel hire of £192 is payable.

Services related to cremation ashes

Following cremation, it is common for us to store ashes for a period, while family members or friends decide how they would like to keep, inter or scatter them. In rare cases, it may be necessary to inter or exhume ashes some time after cremation. Charges for exhumation will depend on an assessment of the particular grave site concerned.

Service Charge
Storage of cremation ashes
Up to 6 months after cremation No charge
More than 6 months after cremation £49 (per month)
Mailing of cremation ashes to a UK address from £70
Unwitnessed scattering or interment of cremation ashes returned by a funeral director (one year or more after cremation) £10 (per set)
Exhumation of cremation ashes from £233

Funeral service extras

The Burial and Crematorium Chapels at Haycombe feature audio visual media systems which you can use to record and transmit the funeral service to anyone who cannot attend. You can also play your own photo slideshow during the service, or use our professional services to prepare and supply a tribute to your loved one. If you wish, you can also buy copies of professionally produced tributes or recordings of the service.

Media services

Media service Charge

Tributes for the service

Single photo tribute (to be displayed throughout the service) £12
Photo slideshow (up to 25 photos, to display on a loop or once during the service) £58
Professional slideshow (up to 25 photos, set to music) £73
Up to 25 additional photos for professional slideshow £23
Keepsake copy of professional tribute £23
Downloadable copy of professional tribute £11
Professional checking and preparation of video tribute made by family (or third party) £23
Additional editing, revision or extra professional work not covered in standard packages above £23
Recordings of the service
Live webcast of service £42
Live webcast (available for downloading for 28-days) £60
Webcast recording to keep (we can provide a DVD, CD, Blu-ray or USB stick copy) - first copy £60
Webcast (additional copies in one of the formats above) £23