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Bath and North East Somerset Local Plan 2022 to 2042: Launch Document

The relationship between the Local Plan and other planning policy documents

The development of the new Local Plan will affect several other areas of our planning policy, and these may need updating in due course. You can learn more about the role of these policies and documents, and how they are prepared, by following the links below to the relevant parts of our Planning website.

Neighbourhood Plans

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B&NES currently has 11 made (or adopted) Neighbourhood Plans, with several others in preparation.

As work on the Local Plan progresses, and the strategic context for the Neighbourhood Plans changes, made plans may become increasingly out of date, and communities may wish to review them to take account of any impacts. Communities should consider reflecting the Local Plan 2022 - 2042 in the preparation of any new Neighbourhood Plans. 

We will continue to support Town and Parish Councils and Neighbourhood Forums within B&NES in preparing and reviewing Neighbourhood Plans, and will discuss the implications of the new Local Plan as it progresses. We will consult with interested parties at the beginning of the preparation process.

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

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Policies in the adopted Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan, and the emerging Local Plan Partial Update, are supplemented by a range of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), which are listed in the Local Development Scheme.

These SPDs will continue to supplement the relevant policies in the Local Plan, and some may require reviewing and updating. In seeking to improve the design quality of new development and ‘build beautiful’ , we may prepare Design Codes for the District and places within it. Existing SPDs to be reviewed, or new SPDs to be prepared, are identified in the Local Development Scheme.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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We will review the Community Infrastructure Levy alongside the preparation of the new Local Plan.