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Apply for a place in a school outside Bath and North East Somerset

The process of application for a school place outside Bath and North East Somerset will vary, depending on the timing and your reasons for applying.

Find a school

The GOV.UK website has a tool for finding and comparing schools anywhere in the UK. Use this to decide which schools outside our area you wish to apply to.

Bulk transfers

Applications for a school place at the normal start time for that type of school (Reception for primary or infant school, and Year 7 for secondary school) are called 'bulk transfers.' Depending on where you live, your child's particular needs, or future plans to relocate, you may want to include one or more schools which are outside the B&NES area on your bulk transfer application.

You should always send your application to the 'home' local authority for your address. So, if we collect your Council Tax, please send us your school admissions application. Just list your preferences as normal, and we'll share your information with the local authority for the other schools, who will deal with your application according to their own admissions processes and policies.

Apply online for a school place

In-year transfers

If you want to move your child to a school outside B&NES at a time other than bulk transfers, the application process will be different. In this case, you should make direct contact with your first preference school and the local authority which is responsible for that school. 

Learn more about in-year admissions