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WaterSpace Connected

Use this page to learn about the WaterSpace Connected project.

Project aims

WaterSpace Connected is a large-scale green and blue infrastructure project following the River Avon corridor from Bath to Bristol, which emerged through the WaterSpace Study.

The project aims to create a healthy river valley that is rich in wildlife, and an improved recreational route between Bath and Bristol, where people can access and experience nature first-hand.

Project location

The River Avon is a valuable nature corridor due to the important species that it supports. Species include: salmon, kingfishers, bats and beavers. The river corridor includes habitats such as rare wetlands, meadows, and ancient woodlands, which contain important plants and wildlife.

People can access nature from their homes by following the River Avon Trail, a continuous footpath along the whole of the river. You can view the WaterSpace Connected project boundary on the map below:

Project development

We are currently developing the first phase of WaterSpace Connected, in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council. The first phase includes the following plans:

  • designing and delivering an accessible bridge across the River Avon, enabling people to walk, wheel and cycle an off-road route between Keynsham and Bristol
  • creating and enhancing connections to and along the river, so people can enjoy its rich wildlife
  • enhancing the surrounding area and infrastructure, creating a riverside park
  • delivering ecological enhancements along the river corridor, through partnerships and landowner advice

Further project information

WaterSpace Connected is working with neighbouring authorities to ensure this green and blue asset is enhanced for future generations to enjoy.

Watch the WaterSpace Connected film to learn more about the River Avon and the WaterSpace Connected project.