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Sion Hill and Summer Hill Road Residents Parking Zone (RPZ)

Project timeline

The timeline below shows each stage of the proposed RPZ project, including those already completed, the current (active) stage, and future activity should the scheme be approved.

  1. Public consultation

    Active 5 May 2022 to 2 June 2022
  2. Consultation results and decision

    Expected August 2022

    On this timeline we will publish a link to the consultation results and the decision on whether or not this RPZ proposal is to proceed to the next stage.

  3. Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

    Expected September 2022

    If we decide to proceed with the RPZ, a formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be advertised illustrating the final, detailed proposal, including any amendments made to the proposal as an outcome of the earlier consultation. This is the public’s second chance to comment or object to the TRO that would enforce the Residents Parking Zone.

    Letters will be sent to residents within the zone and directly next to the zone, advising them of the formal consultation and how to comment or object on the TRO.

  4. Final decision

    Expected October 2022

    On this timeline, we will publish the outcome of the formal consultation stage (the TRO) and the decision on whether or not the RPZ will proceed.

  5. Zone introduced (if approved)

    Expected November 2022

    The RPZ will be implemented only if the decision is to proceed with the Residents’ Parking Zone following the formal consultation at the TRO stage.

  6. Monitoring and amendments

    To be confirmed No date

    Should an RPZ be approved and progress to implementation, we will undertake parking surveys in the wider area before and after it’s put in place to ensure it’s working and not displacing parking.