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Report a problem with a pavement

Report a problem with a pavement online.

WarningIf you feel your issue is urgent, you can report this as an emergency

What you can report

Report any of the following topics to us online.

Obstructions on pavement

Report the following obstructions on pavements to us:

  • Potholes at least 20mm deep (for pavements)
  • Skips (pavements or public rights of way)
  • Scaffold and hoarding
  • Building materials
  • Temporary works including traffic lights (before you report it, check the name of the contractor and the type of works so we can then check for notification and validity of the work)
  • Mixing concrete or mortar on the pavement without approval
  • Unauthorised signage (placing an illegal sign is an encroachment of the highway)
  • Discharging or gushing water
  • Overhanging vegetation (see our overhanging tree, plant or hedge page for more details)
  • Pavement damage (paving slab, rocking slab, broken slab, missing slab, raised or sunken slabs)
  • Spillage
  • Manhole and drain cover damage

Cellars, cellar lights, vaults, coal holes (hatch in pavement)

Owners are legally responsible for getting technical approval from us (the council) for any work to be done. If you experience water problems, we cannot prevent water from penetrating a cellar from the footpath or road but we can check gullies or drainage connections and take action if there are safety concerns.

Let us know if a cellar, cellar light, vault or coal hole is causing an obstruction.

Railings, bollard and post damage

Report issues with railings, bollards or posts to us online.

Fallen trees or overhanging vegetation

Fallen trees and branches

Let us know if a tree or branch has fallen down and is obstructing a road, street or pavement.

If a tree has fallen into a telephone line, contact BT on 0800 800 151

If a tree has fallen into a power line, contact Western Power Distribution on 0800 365 900

Before you report it

Report a problem with a pavement on our website.

Using our website to report issues
You will need to provide a location of the issue (post code or town) and then select the relevant category:


  • Drains and flooding
  • Public spaces and parks
  • Roads and pavements
  • Rubbish and environment

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Location of the issue
  • A summary of the issue

Report it online